Laser cutting machine solves the manufacturing process problem of inflatable switch equipment

by:Caodahai     2021-08-23
Inflatable switch is a relatively important device in industrial electronic components, and its main structure is composed of an air box and a frame. The air box is the core structure of the inflatable switch, and its manufacturing process and quality directly affect the performance and quality of the switch. However, the manufacturing process requirements of the air box are very high. Generally, it is difficult for the traditional process to meet the requirements of the pattern. Until the application of the laser cutting machine, this problem has been solved well. The difficulty of the gas box manufacturing process is reflected in which aspect of the gas box part is made of stainless steel material (above), its plate thickness is 3mm, the size of the part is large, the number of holes is large, and the precision is high. This thickness is punched The material needs a great punching force, and the CNC press cannot withstand such a great punching force, so it cannot be processed. However, the traditional die processing cannot be formed at one time, and must be formed several times. After forming, the accuracy of the hole cannot meet the requirements of the pattern, and subsequent processing of the hole is required. Even if it can barely be manufactured, many molds must be opened and the cycle is long. Once the pattern is changed, the mold must be reopened. This not only leads to the extension of the development cycle, but also causes unnecessary economic losses and is not conducive to market development. . Where is the advantage of    laser cutting machine processing gas box?    laser cutting machine processing the stainless steel part of the gas box, its accuracy can be controlled within 5μm, and it can meet the pattern requirements in one processing. And for some complex parts, the traditional processing technology requires mold opening and processing several times, but the laser cutting machine can be used to solve it all at once.   Due to the emergence of laser cutting machines in recent years, the manufacture of inflatable switchgear has reached a new level and ushered in a new development opportunity. Regarding the application of laser cutting machine in aviation materials, you can refer to: Process analysis of metal laser cutting machine processing aviation aluminum materials
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