Laser cutting machine is the only way to change the traditional processing pattern of sheet metal

by:Caodahai     2021-08-27
In recent years, the momentum of domestic industrial economic development has been increasing. Under the current situation, improving the quality of machined products is what every enterprise expects. Until the investment of laser cutting equipment in the market, it has completely changed the trend of traditional processing methods taking the lead, and has also injected new vitality into the sheet metal processing industry. At present, my country's laser equipment industry is undergoing a new round of industrialization upgrade. Fiber laser cutting machine is one of its key development goals, and my country's laser equipment industry is developing towards a more high-end development.   In China, most of the sheet metal processing is based on ordinary machine tools, and the coverage rate of CNC is low. Not only is the competitiveness of the peers weak, the profit is thin, but the product homogeneity is serious. In many industries, traditional machine tool processing can no longer meet their needs, and finding new processing methods is the primary task of processing enterprises. Nowadays, choosing a laser cutting machine is the only way for companies to change the current situation.   With the continuous adjustment of my country's sheet metal processing technology along with the development of processing equipment technology, technological progress has also accelerated the realization of sustainable development of new processing technology transformation. With the improvement of the processing precision and efficiency of laser cutting machine series products, the market prospect of my country's fiber laser cutting machine in 2014 will have new changes.
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