Laser Cut Acrylic Rose With Etched Base

by:Caodahai     2020-05-04
Hello everyone, I made an acrylic rose display for a lover.
At that time, I was lucky enough to get the Epilog Laser cutting machine.
If I win 16 lasers, I will start working as a small business making sculptures, jewelry and other cool and unique things.
I didn\'t make any plans when I was making roses.
I look more at how the roses look and feel.
Please feel free to use the rose reference photo if necessary.
My list of materials is as follows: 1 1/16 \"clear acrylic (
The size of the paper depends on the size suitable in the laser)
1 acrylic stick 1/4 \"cut into the length you want hot gun hot gloves safety glasses needle and nose pliers (
Hold the petals when you shape them)
1 piece 1/8 \"mirror acrylic 1 piece 1/8\" black acrylic black painting welded on acrylic glue applicator syringe laser cutting machine/engraving computer with CorelDraw program, please pay attention to safety, use the appropriate safety equipment when required.
I first created some slightly different petal shapes in CorelDraw.
I then send the file to the laser cutter and cut it out.
Then I created each petal individually with a hot gun (set on low)
And needle and nose pliers (
Holding petals).
Make sure you wear a hot glove when shaping it to become very hot.
Repeat this for all petals.
You won\'t use them all, but if you make a lot of money, you can choose what works best together.
I stuck the petals together with a Weld On and syringe to form a rose.
This is what it looks like after it\'s done.
Use a hot gun to shape the stem using a 1/4 \"acrylic rod.
I polished the bottom of the stem to a certain angle to make it look like the stem that was just cut.
I then cut out the two small brackets with a laser cutter and put the roses in the display box.
In CorelDraw, I set up a file for the base section.
I typed the favorite paragraph in a movie on the outer edge of the base.
To correct the etching of these words, they have to be reversed because I am doing reverse etching on the back of the mirror acrylic.
After cutting, I sprayed the back of the acrylic black so that the text would be displayed.
Then with a piece of black acrylic, I cut a smaller base that sticks to the top of the mirror acrylic.
I then glued the two stem racks to it and fixed the roses in the proper position.
This is what it looks like on the base.
Then I cut 1/8 acrylic on the laser cutter to make a box on the rose.
I stuck it together with the weld on the glue.
It is mounted on the outside edge of the base with black acrylic resin.
This box protects the rose from damage and allows it to be displayed.
This is finished rose with display box. (
It\'s not easy to take clear and mirrored acrylic photos)
The final acrylic Rose is only displayed on the base.
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