Lace, which can be made by hand or by machine,

by:Caodahai     2020-07-14
The first laces were made of silk, linen, silver, and gold threads, but cotton is the most popular thread today. Note that lace-making is also done using fine silver and copper wire. So, how do you go about finding the best lace patterns? Your choice should be based on your specific needs since different patterns are ideal for different uses. There are laces for use as base materials for costume creation, for wedding gowns, for clergy clothes, and military uniform, for home furnishing, for bed linen and curtain boarders, and for hats, shawls, and even handkerchiefs. Compare as many as possible to increase your chances of getting something unique. The Internet is the best place to do this. Not only do you get to compare different options from around the world, you also get unparalleled convenience, and anonymity. These patterns are mostly available free of charge. Other options are books and other publications and copying from the clothes you have. There are different methods of making laces, and they all produce different patterns. You could go for needle laces. Needles and threads are used for these laces. The laces are advantageous in that they offer unparalleled flexibility, but they are rather time consuming to make. You could go for Cutwork/whitework lace. These laces are made by the removal of threads from woven backgrounds, and the wrapping and filling of the remaining threads with embroidery. You could get bobbin laces. These are hand-made models that are made using pillows and bobbins. Bobbins are made from plastic, wood, or bone, and they are used to hold the threads together with pins that are stuck in the preferred pattern on the pillow. The best pillows for this are those containing straw, sawdust, or insulation ethafoam or Styrofoam. Other popular laces are tape laces, knotted laces such as tatting and macrame, crocheted lace such as Irish crochet and filet crochet, knitted laces such as Shetland laces, machine-made laces, and Guipure.
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