It is no longer a problem for glass laser cutting machine to cut glass

by:Caodahai     2021-09-25
With the rapid development of science and technology, the scope of application of laser technology has become increasingly widespread. At present, many industries are using laser technology, such as laser marking machines and laser coding machines in the packaging industry; laser cutting machines in metal, automotive and other industries. The laser cutting machine consumes less, does not cause waste, and the efficiency is dozens of times that of the traditional cutting machine. So its popularity is not without reason. The light cutting machine can effectively perform cutting work, using computer intelligent control, cutting accuracy is higher, and the product can be more refined and beautiful. Laser has four characteristics: high speed, high directivity, high monochromaticity and high coherence. The laser cutting machine cannot be replaced by the traditional cutting machine. It is a processing method with a wide range of vitality, and its technology has won the affirmation of the majority of users.  Laser cutting plexiglass has obvious advantages such as fast speed, high precision and accurate positioning. And it can have irreplaceable applications in industries such as craft gifts, panel lens cases, model toys, advertising light boxes, signs, and packaging boxes. Its advantages can be divided into 2 points as follows:   ①Good cutting effect: The incision is very smooth, bright, without jagged lines, and can cut acrylic thickness of 20mm at one time;   ②Excellent performance of the whole machine: 24 hours a day Continuous non-stop work, Taiwan original guide rail, accurate and durable;   ③The laser tube is of good quality and long life: the better laser tube in the domestic machine, not only has stable performance, but also has a long life (about 8-14 months), power 85W, Packing for half a year;   ④ Fast cutting speed: such as for cutting 3mm thickness acrylic sheet.   Compared with the traditional mechanical cutting method, this new method has several important advantages. First of all, this is a dry process that can be completed in one step. The edges are smooth and tidy, and no subsequent cleaning and sanding are required. In addition, the laser-induced separation process produces high-strength, but tempered edges without tiny cracks. Using this method avoids unpredictable cracks and breakages, reduces the rate of defective products, and increases output. Because the cracks are traces accurately drawn along the laser beam, laser-induced separation can cut very precise curved patterns. In fact, our experiments have also proved that laser cutting can be used regardless of whether it is a straight line or a curve. Complete the set pattern continuously and accurately, and the repeatability can reach +50u0026mu;m. Therefore, the laser can accurately cut curves and three-dimensional graphics.   There are 3 factors that limit the cutting speed: the thickness of the glass, the thermal expansion coefficient of the material, and the output power of the laser. In this test, we used a CO2 laser with 150W output power to cut glass with a thickness of 1.1mm and cut in a straight line at a speed of 500mm/sec. For comparison, the speed of cutting the same glass of the same thickness with a hard metal wheel can reach 1500mm/sec. However, even in applications that focus on speed, this difference will be compensated by the economic and quality advantages brought by laser cutting. At the same time, we all believe that further optimization of the processing process and the use of higher output lasers for cutting will easily increase the processing speed by 2 to 3 times.
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