Is there a big demand for laser cutting machines in the aviation field?

by:Caodahai     2021-09-23
We say that laser cutting machines can be seen in all fields today, so is there a big demand for laser cutting machines in the aviation field? Let's take a look at it together. Take a look at the application of laser cutting machine in the aviation field.  In the field of aviation manufacturing in my country, most of the fuselage parts are made of aluminum plates. Traditionally, zinc-based aluminum alloys are used for processing. This is because the alloy has good static strength and fatigue strength.   Although these aluminum materials are very suitable for aerospace applications, they are not resistant to high temperatures. Rapid heating, such as welding and laser cutting operations, will cause micro-cracks, which in turn lead to a decrease in fatigue strength. Welding and laser cutting are two processes that produce thermally induced microcracks. For a long time, in the processing of aluminum plates, the advantages of laser cutting have not been able to obtain the best results due to the reduction of fatigue performance.   Regarding the problem of fatigue fracture, it usually occurs in places where stress is concentrated, such as the edges of parts, changes in geometric shapes, or joints. The fuselage parts made of sheet metal have many different joining methods, and most of the fatigue cracks occur at the joints. If the laser is not used to cut the small holes at the joint, then the laser is mainly used for edge cutting of the part. Although the laser cutting technology is also constantly being developed and improved, the relevant technicians can already control the cutting parameters, and And the use of related software for more precise cutting, but similar problems have only been improved to varying degrees, and have not been completely resolved.   Wuhan Gaoneng Laser Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating Ru0026D, production and sales of professional laser complete sets of equipment. Not only successfully developed laser equipment with advanced technology, but also used self-support import and export rights to promote products to more than 40 global markets including Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, the United States, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Jordan, etc. nation.
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