Is the laser cutting machine widely used in the agricultural field?

by:Caodahai     2021-08-29
China is a big agricultural country, so my country's agricultural machinery manufacturing is developing very rapidly. However, the manufacture of agricultural machinery is bound to be inseparable from the assistance of laser cutting machines, so is the laser cutting machine widely used in the agricultural field I have worked on? Let's take a look at this problem together. First of all, due to the restoration of arable land and the increase in the rate of multiple cropping of land, 'the demand for agricultural machinery from the three rural areas will show a rigid growth trend. In recent years, it has been increasing at a rate of 8% year by year.    In addition, the cultivation, planting and harvesting of food crops The demand for agricultural machinery products is gradually subdivided, and the types of agricultural machinery products tend to be diversified and specialized. Among them, the demand for large and medium-sized tractors, high-performance harvesting machinery, and large and medium-sized planters has further increased. Typical mechanical equipment such as large and medium horsepower tractors, Medium and large wheat combine harvesters, corn combine harvesters, wheat and corn no-tillage planters, etc.; new types of agricultural machinery required for oil crop production have been developed rapidly, such as rape harvesters, planters, peanut harvesters, etc. Developing countries with backward agriculture will also increase their demand for trailing and modified products.    With the continuous upgrading of agricultural machinery products and the development of new products, new requirements for new processing methods, such as CAD/CAM, laser processing technology, The application of these advanced technologies, such as numerical control and automation technology, will accelerate the modernization of China's agricultural machinery. Application of laser cutting machines in agricultural machinery production. The sheet metal processing parts of agricultural machinery products generally use 4~6mm steel plates. There are many types of sheet metal parts and they are updated. Fast, traditional agricultural machinery product sheet metal processing parts usually use a punching method, which consumes a lot of molds. Usually a large agricultural machinery manufacturer uses a warehouse for mold storage close to 300 square meters. It can be seen that if the processing of parts still stays in the traditional way, It will severely restrict the rapid upgrading and technological development of products, and the advantages of laser flexible processing will be reflected.   Laser processing can use modern CAD/CAM software to achieve any shape of sheet metal cutting. Laser processing is not only fast, High efficiency, low cost, and avoid the replacement of molds or tools, shorten the production preparation time period. It is easy to realize continuous processing, the laser beam transposition time is short, and the production efficiency is improved. Multiple workpieces can be installed alternately. When one workpiece is processed , Can unload the completed parts and install the workpieces to be processed to achieve parallel processing.    The rapid development of the agricultural machinery industry and the accelerated upgrading of products require advanced processing methods such as lasers to shorten the product development cycle and improve product production efficiency. Especially the laser cutting machine for complex parts in newly developed products has more advantages. Laser processing will gradually become an indispensable processing method in the production of agricultural machinery. It will become an emerging growth point to improve the modernization of agricultural machinery products and equipment manufacturing, and it will become the transformation of traditional agricultural machinery. An important technical support for manufacturing. This also means that the use of laser cutting machines in the agricultural field will become more and more important.
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