IPG launches new LSS-3 handheld laser wire welder

by:Caodahai     2021-08-21
IPG Photonics LSS-3 handheld laser wire welder represents a new generation of laser wire welder. The total weight does not exceed 35 kg. LSS-3 allows you to perform manual wire welding. LSS-3 has a unique clamping and welding tool that can operate up to 4KW laser. LSS-3 provides an adjustable clamping force of up to 3KN and a fixed focal length of 250mm or 300mm, and the length of laser swing welds can be up to 40mm. The LSS-3 laser wire welder comes with an operator, which is a device that allows hand-held seam welding. The LSS-3 produced by IPG can be perfectly applied to the production of prototypes, transformations and small-batch assembly line welding. Features:    laser welding using simple clamping technology, higher connection strength, higher connection efficiency, power up to 4000W    programmable card with long-term repeatability, reproducible multi-layer board link compact laser and C controller in one chassis Internal air-cooled or water-cooled tool operation. Typical application of Class 1 laser:    reliable connection of hot forming materials, reliable welding of high-strength steel connection quality, higher component strength and rigid welding body parts, welding of light and thin materials, low deformation of the connection, uniform and consistent welding High performance (high-grade steel or aluminum) (the above are edited by a metal laser cutting machine, see www.gnlaser.com for details)
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