IPG high-power fiber laser equipment helps Shanghai shipbuilding industry

by:Caodahai     2021-08-21
According to reports, fiber lasers have been a hot spot in the laser field in recent years. In the processing field, fiber lasers are rapidly replacing traditional YAG and CO2 lasers. It is generally believed that high-power fiber lasers will be the third generation of advanced industries. Processing laser. At present, the continuous output power of commercial fiber lasers has risen to the order of several kilowatts or even 10,000 watts. Compared with general lasers, fiber lasers have many unique advantages, such as good beam quality; small size, light weight, and maintenance-free; wind cooling, simple and easy to operate; low operating cost, can be used in industrial environments; long life, The processing precision is high, the speed is fast; the electric energy conversion efficiency is high, and it can realize intelligent, automated, and flexible operation. Based on the above advantages, its application fields have been extended to the laser cutting and laser welding of metal and non-metal materials such as automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding and aviation manufacturing. Recently, the application of fiber laser welding technology in shipbuilding and automobile manufacturing has received considerable attention internationally. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, about 50%-70% of auto parts have used laser processing technology, and laser welding and laser cutting machine cutting are mainly used. Automobile manufacturers such as Shanghai Volkswagen also use laser processing technology to weld parts such as body and box. Major large shipyards in Europe, America and Japan have adopted laser processing technology in large quantities. For example, the United States has widely used high-strength, low-alloy steel T-shaped members on newly built new ships, and laser welding technology has greatly reduced the weight of the ship. In order to meet the needs of ocean flow, the hull plates are designed to have complex three-dimensional curvature shapes. The laser-assisted plate forming technology can replace the laborious, time-consuming, and dangerous mechanical heating forming process, and its application prospects are good. Shipbuilding companies such as Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan have installed high-power laser flat cutting systems. MeyerWerft in Germany also installed four 12KW CO2 lasers to weld different length hull stiffeners. At present, the United States, Europe and other regions are developing high-power fiber laser industrial processing equipment, and the secondary development of industrial-grade fiber laser processing equipment with 2KW and 6KW output is ongoing. my country has developed a series of low-power industrial fiber laser products. Small and medium-power laser processing equipment, such as laser marking machines, engraving machines, cutting machines, welding machines, etc. are also widely used in various industries, but the industrial processing applications of high-power fiber lasers are still blank, and lasers are not even used in my country’s shipbuilding industry. Processing Technology. The shipbuilding industry is the focus of Shanghai's new round of economic construction in the next five years and is one of the pillar industries of Shanghai. Various selected shipbuilding technologies and processes will inevitably be promoted and applied. As an international city, Shanghai is rich in urban tourism resources. The beautiful scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River makes domestic and foreign tourists nostalgic. A new type of sightseeing cruise ship built with high-strength lightweight alloy materials (using fiber laser processing technology has obvious advantages) meets the needs of the further development of the tourism market, and has been listed as a key development direction for design institutes such as China Shipbuilding Corporation (MARIC) . Taking full account of the origins of ship design units and manufacturing process standards, we cut into Shanghai’s shipbuilding industry, and through close cooperation with fiber laser manufacturer IPG, the introduction of high-power fiber lasers has made a leap forward in a modern and advanced way. The new model of manufacturing equipment integration, the development of new shipbuilding equipment with independent intellectual property rights and adopting international new laser technology, promotes the pillar industry of Shanghai’s shipbuilding, and promotes the leap-forward development of Shanghai’s laser industry is of great significance.
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