Introduction to the main ideas and instructions of laser cutting space curves

by:Caodahai     2021-09-16
(1) The main idea of u200bu200bprocessing space curves. Under normal circumstances, most space curves are composed of straight lines, arcs and intersecting lines in different planes. Other types of curves can also be simulated by arcs and straight lines. The same is true for intersecting lines, so the required space curve can be obtained by fitting straight lines and arcs in space. The basic idea of u200bu200b3D laser cutting is also the same, that is, the space curve is regarded as composed of multiple straight lines and arcs, so that only the arc and straight line commands are needed to realize the cutting of the 3D curve. Therefore, most of the commands used in 3D cutting are straight line and arc commands.   (2) Main commands in 3D curve processing Through the analysis of the main ideas of processing space curves, it is found that only straight lines and arcs can be used to fit the space curves, so only straight line and arc commands are needed.   Space linear motion instruction MOVE_LIN (target point X, Y, Z, A, B coordinates), that is to move from the current point to the target point, only the target point needs to be given in the instruction.
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