Introduction of Wuhan High Energy Laser's 3D fiber laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-09-02
The emergence of fiber laser cutting machine has changed the dominance of solid laser cutting machine. The application of fiber technology has solved the problems of slow cutting speed, poor cutting quality and poor cutting effect of sheet metal metal. In order to meet the needs of more users, Wuhan High Energy Laser has launched the latest 3D fiber laser cutting machine. Let me give you a brief introduction. The 3D fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced laser cutting equipment that uses a dedicated fiber laser cutting head, a high-precision capacitive tracking system, a fiber laser and an industrial robot system to perform multi-angle and multi-directional flexible cutting of metal sheets of different thicknesses. It utilizes the flexible and fast action performance of industrial robots. According to the size of the workpiece to be cut and processed by the user, the robot can be installed or flipped for teaching programming or offline programming for different products and different trajectories. The sixth axis of the robot Load the fiber laser cutting head to perform three-dimensional cutting of irregular workpieces; the fiber laser cutting head is equipped with a follow-up device and a light path transmission device, and the laser is transmitted to the cutting head by optical fiber, and then the focusing system is used for focusing, and it is developed for plates of different thicknesses Multiple sets of focusing systems are used to cut a variety of three-dimensional metal sheets in multiple directions to meet customer needs. Wuhan High Energy Laser's 3D fiber laser cutting machine can choose fiber lasers of different powers according to the thickness of the metal sheet. Generally, we can choose powers of 300W, 500W, 1000W and other specifications; equipped with cooling capacity for lasers of different powers Different cooling systems to ensure the normal operation of the laser. At the same time, according to the working radius of the robot arm and the size of the workpiece processed by the customer, the appropriate length of the optical fiber transmission laser must be selected to meet the customer's cutting requirements. The fiber laser cutting machine can use auxiliary gas to cut. Generally, oxygen and nitrogen can be selected to support combustion, which greatly improves the cutting effect and cutting accuracy. But generally we should pay attention to some factors that affect the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine: 1. The size of the laser power. 2. The size and purity of the auxiliary air pressure. 3. The size of the focal length of the cutting head. 4. The thickness of the workpiece. 5. The robot's teaching trajectory or digital-analog positioning accuracy of offline programming. 6. The path repeat accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy and speed of the robot. Wuhan High Energy Laser not only has deep manufacturing and sales experience in fiber laser cutting machines, but also has great breakthroughs in tube laser cutting machines and YAG laser cutting machines. In particular, the 850W solid-state laser cutting machine is the first domestic YAG laser cutting machine with the highest power. machine. In order to apply to more processing industries, Wuhan High Energy Laser is constantly working hard to develop new laser cutting equipment and new functions.
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