Introduction of sheet metal drilling process of laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-08-24
Sheet metal drilling is a process often used in processing. Compared with the traditional drilling process, the laser cutting machine has some advantages. Not only does it not cause physical stress and deformation of the sheet metal material, but also the hole The edge of the mouth is smooth and the precision is high. Therefore, for some metal materials with special process requirements, laser cutting machines are more suitable. There are many kinds of laser cutting machine punching processes, customers can choose according to their own processing conditions, the following Wuhan Gaoneng will introduce two commonly used ones;    laser cutting machine fixed-point impact drilling fixed-point impact drilling refers to, in one location The upper is processed with a pulsed laser beam until the hole passes. High-speed flying drilling is also a kind of fixed-point impact drilling technology, which is usually used for drilling filters and baffles.   Laser cutting machine rotary cutting perforation Cutting and punching refers to the processing of holes with larger diameters or holes with a certain shape. The rotary cutting drilling technology is generally used to process holes with a relatively large diameter, good consistency and a certain shape. It can reduce the taper of the hole.    laser cutting machine has punched holes and has excellent performance in cutting and engraving. The laser cutting machine produced by Wuhan High Energy Laser not only has ultra-stable performance, but also has a high price advantage.
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