Introduction and market prospects of high-energy fiber laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-09-16
Fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of industrial processing equipment that is relatively easy to control. Its advantages are fast cutting speed and high production efficiency. No matter what kind of parts, it can be processed precisely and quickly with a metal fiber laser cutting machine. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high automation, simple operation, low labor intensity, and good economic benefits.   Although the development of my country's laser industry is a preliminary development, it has achieved a leap in development under the leadership of international science and technology, and has a higher level of excellence than the same quality. In terms of metal fiber laser cutting machine, it has developed from the low-end YAG cutting technology to the current fiber cutting, and the market demand is as high as tens of millions, adding new vitality to the broad market. Since the birth and application of the first laser equipment in the 1960s, many experts in my country have worked hard in the laser industry and have reached the international level. At the same time as the development of the laser industry, complete sets of laser industrial equipment have also entered the production market, getting rid of the long-term dependence on foreign countries and solving the embarrassing situation of the domestic laser industry. According to expert forecasts, the domestic laser market is still in a stage of rapid growth and can be doubled in the future. Domestic high-end laser equipment will get rid of the trapped state and become the pillar of the international market.   At present, the domestic laser industry is mainly concentrated in Shenzhen and Wuhan. Among them, Shenzhen is an important domestic sales market, and with many years of development experience, it leads other regions.
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