Industry profit is low: semiconductor laser marking machine only earns 7,000

by:Caodahai     2021-09-23
At present, there are more and more manufacturers in the laser industry, and the price of ordinary machines is becoming more and more transparent in the market. On average, a semiconductor laser marking machine can only make a gross profit of 7,000 or 8,000 per factory. Semiconductor laser marking machine has no great advantage, ordinary carbon dioxide laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine is the same. If an enterprise wants to develop, it can only develop its own machines in many ways and improve the comprehensive technical content of their machines. Only when people have no self and others can be invincible in the market.  The main problems in the development of the laser industry are in several aspects:   1. The domestic manufacturing industry is affected by the global, and the recent development is almost stagnant, with slow growth or even decline. The main difficulty is the lack of demand. The automobile, steel, sheet metal and other industries have encountered difficulties in the development, and the lack of demand for related accessories has naturally affected the production equipment manufacturing industry. 2. Some companies are pessimistic about the development prospects of the domestic laser equipment manufacturing industry. The reason is that this industry is obviously affected by the cost of raw materials and other costs. Because it is in the middle of the industry chain, the added value of the whole industry is not balanced, and the industry profit is low. .  3. Difficulties in corporate financing have exacerbated the dilemma of the manufacturing industry. Limited by financing channels and insufficient liquidity of enterprises, it is still an extravagant hope to expand reproduction and even strengthen technological research and development capabilities. In view of the downturn of the entire industry, laser companies need to make more changes and innovations:    1. Marketing perspective: To develop more directions to tap more customers, and the volume can also enable the company to rely on low profits. More orders to make profits for the enterprise.  2. Improve the overall quality and comprehensive business level of the business staff, so that there is a new rise in performance.  3. The company’s internal management should formulate a more detailed plan so that employees’ abilities are directly proportional to their income, and employees’ value can be reflected.
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