In our list of top 10 toys for toddlers you will

by:Caodahai     2020-06-15
1. Wooden Blocks: Wooden blocks should be on any list of top 10 toys for toddlers. The more colorful blocks are more entertaining to young kids and the blocks should be the right size for them to hold in their hands. The simple shapes can be used to create many different little buildings. The only limit to a good set of building blocks is a child's imagination. 2. Dolls: Girls do love toddler dolls. They seem to relate to them very well and will spend a lot of time feeding and taking care of their toddler dolls. A stroller is a great accessory for any toddler doll. The stroller makes it easier for your child to travel with the doll if she can push the doll around. I recommend getting a doll that can go through be machine washed, as those dolls do get dirty quickly. 3. Tricycle: In my opinion every toddler should have their own tricycle, even if it's a pre owned. A tricycle isn't just a good form of outdoor exercise. It's a fun way for toddlers to expand their horizons. If your child is too small to use the pedals you might think about getting one of the push cycles. Instead of pedaling they just push forward and it goes. 4. Soft toys: Soft toys are very comforting to toddlers. Every toddler should have a couple, even the boys. There are some interesting new soft toys that you should be aware of. They started making some that are battery powered and when a toddler presses down on part of the toy it plays a tune. 5. Musical toys: As all parents know toddlers love to listen to music. As toddlers grow older and spend more time with their musical toys, they start to string the notes into music. All toddlers find this music fascinating, they will spend hours trying to see what new tunes they can create. Unfortunately this can get a little annoying for parents, so you might want to think about getting a musical toy with volume control. 6. DVDs: DVDs are perfect if you feel you need to take a little break. Just pop them into the machine and your toddler will be busy for the next hour. 7. Sport toys: Sport toys help to develop a toddler's hand eye coordination. 8. Art toys: Art equipment is great for a toddler's imagination. Just do it outdoors because young kids can make quite a mess . 9. Books: I love reading them bed time books. It helps to calm toddlers down, just before they go to sleep. 10. Not really a toy, for instance a the box a toy comes in. As every parent knows. It happens that you try to get your toddler a great present. Then they end up spending all day playing with the box in which the toy came. That means that with some imagination a child can turn just about anything into a toy.
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