In 2014, Wuhan High Energy Laser paid great attention to the international laser cutting equipment market

by:Caodahai     2021-08-23
With the improvement of domestic laser cutting equipment technology, the product stability and quality of laser cutting machines have been greatly improved. In addition to actively exploring the domestic market, Wuhan High Energy Laser also pays high attention to the international market and actively expands its international business.   Due to the endless emergence of domestic laser cutting equipment manufacturers, prices in the domestic market are disordered, and competition is particularly fierce. Wuhan High Energy Laser began to target foreign markets, and determined its goal to continue to maintain the first position in the export of laser cutting equipment in Southeast Asia, and will increase the export of laser equipment to the region. In addition, it will also open up new overseas markets, such as Russia and South America.   In the past, the domestic laser cutting equipment exported to Southeast Asia was mainly low-end equipment. With the continuous economic development of overseas regions this year, its requirements and demand for laser cutting machines have gradually increased. Therefore, in order to meet more high-end demands, Wuhan High Energy Laser keeps adjusting its product structure, continuously investing in innovation and Ru0026D, and designing more diversified laser cutting equipment suitable for our customers.
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