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by:Caodahai     2020-06-22
Well, if you really want to avoid insomnia symptoms or lack of sleep, it just doesn't work that way. For true long-term success, you must learn to listen and obey what your body is telling you. One of the best ways to fall asleep is to go to sleep when your body gives you signals, such as repetitive yawning or having drooping eyes. Ignoring these 'go to sleep now' signals only upsets the body's natural rhythm, often resulting in getting a 'second wind' some time later -- a sensation where your body starts to feel fully awake again. This is where insomnia symptoms start to set in. Your body has a limited 'window of opportunity' to most effectively find ways to fall asleep. Miss it and you have created a cause of insomnia. While some people stay up too late, others go to sleep too early, thinking this will make up for their lack of sleep. But when your body isn't ready to doze off just yet, you may end up tossing and turning for hours, thusly creating yet another cause of insomnia. The best solution is to get into a daily routine, being disciplined enough to find ways to fall asleep at the same time each night. Don't force sleep too early. Just tune in and listen to what your body is telling you. Before making your way to the bedroom, minimize your chances of having your sleep disrupted with insomnia symptoms. One good way is to relieve yourself in the bathroom immediately before bed, especially if you've drank lots of liquids, have an overactive bladder, or if you have prostate or other health problems. By doing so, you can help prevent waking in the middle of the night and possibly being unable to fall back asleep again. If nighttime bathroom breaks are a chronic problem, try to limit fluid intake a few hours before bedtime. Now that your body is telling you to find ways to fall asleep, try to create an ambient, relaxing atmosphere. As you get ready for bed, you can reduce any cause of insomnia by putting on some soothing music or lighting some incense (candles can be used if you remember to blow them out before sleep). To help prevent the onset of insomnia symptoms, you may also try aromatherapy or use low-watt color lighting, or changing your bed sheets, pillows and pillow covers. As you're finding ways to fall asleep, you may find the use of a sleep sound generator or white noise machine to be beneficial. These are just some things that might help you avoid insomnia-related lack of sleep. Use your imagination. While the average person can fall asleep without too many restrictions, it is not so easy for the insomniac where the slightest wrong stimuli can be a cause of insomnia. The slightest misstep in routine can ignite endless insomnia symptoms and have the sufferer tossing and turning in bed all night. By discovering effective ways to fall asleep -- such as minimizing evening distractions, creating a relaxing late night atmosphere, and falling asleep when your body 'tells you,' tonight just could be the best sleep you've had in a while.
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