Humanized laser cutting equipment is what customers need

by:Caodahai     2021-08-19
The introduction of new technologies for laser cutting equipment has greatly improved the problems of modern processing, and has also enabled rapid economic development. The customer's requirements on the laser cutting machine are getting more tired, especially the more user-friendly operation put forward great expectations. This is a question worthy of consideration by many laser cutting equipment manufacturers. How to be more humane?   First of all, realize the intelligentization of the laser cutting machine. What is intelligentization? It eliminates some unnecessary manual operations, so that all the work is done independently by mechanical equipment, reducing more labor costs. Nowadays, there are very few laser cutting machines capable of fully automatic feeding. The CT3000 tube laser cutting machine developed by Wuhan High Energy Laser for Wuhan Haokang Sports Fitness Equipment uses the most advanced automatic feeding system. It solves a lot of manual operations at one time and reduces the repetitive processing of the original processing technology.  The second thing is to achieve mass production of laser cutting machines. Mass production is the requirement for production capacity. Many customers process sheet metal in assembly line operations. In order to meet such a requirement, laser cutting machines need to be greatly improved. Take batch cutting of pipes as an example, laser cutting machines can only process single pipes. Compared with wire cutting, mass production is still a long way away. This is the problem that the laser cutting machine will solve in the future.   The humanization of laser cutting equipment is not achieved overnight, it needs a long period of research and development and improvement, so technology is very important. While producing and selling laser cutting equipment, we also need to pay attention to the innovation of laser cutting machines. For example, the latest 850W solid-state laser cutting machine developed and manufactured by Wuhan High Energy Laser http://www.gnlaser.com/?fproduct/i115 is a performance Very good equipment.
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