How to Use Real Steam Power For... Robots?

by:Caodahai     2020-05-12
First of all, let me say that.
Using real steam power is dangerous and heavy, and it\'s usually not worth it when you have modern alternatives.
But if you\'re steampunk.
Or this guy: the guy in the video above did some awesome gadgets that unfortunately are out of my reach.
At least before I got the laser cutter.
Why do you need a laser cutter?
I need a laser cutter.
You probably won\'t if you have the required precision.
Whenever you make gears, axles, belts, or any other mechanical method of transferring power from one place to another, the specifications need to be very precise to limit vibration, swing, noise, and so on.
Believe me, you don\'t want your machine to shake.
But before you get to that stage, let me tell you the most important thing you need to know about using steam power: Don\'t let your own steam engine not do it.
It\'s too dangerous and I don\'t even want to think about how much damage you can do by trying to do so.
Of course, if you are a trained professional, do it.
But if you are a trained professional, why do you read this article?
You already know how to make steam.
Robot, silly!
Don\'t worry too much anyway: there are some small onesscale, fully-
Functional steam engines available for sale.
Coincidentally, the person in the video above is using this feature.
The above engine used in the video is sold on Amazon for $140.
A bit expensive of course, but much cheaper than losing your fingers or face.
If you\'re really cool, you can even use a bad Stirling engine like below: the one above is $120 on Amazon, but it\'s really beautiful, isn\'t it?
What do you do with a steam engine?
This is very simple.
The engine effectively transforms one power into another.
The steam engine converts the pressure of the steam into the rotation of the Steam Machine.
The turbine either turns an axis, a wheel, or something else.
You have a turn anyway.
Once you have something that turns, you have a motor!
You can do anything with it, here\'s a short list!
Especially the last one.
To be honest, there is no fixed way to do this, so you should let your imagination lead!
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