How to make a sustainable development strategy for laser equipment enterprises

by:Caodahai     2021-09-25
The domestic economy is now entering a period of rapid development. Coupled with the country's support for the laser industry, laser equipment manufacturing companies have sprung up like mushrooms, especially the laser cutting machine industry. Coupled with the impact of foreign brands, competition in the domestic laser equipment industry has become increasingly fierce. In order to stand out among many laser equipment manufacturers, we must stick to the path of sustainable development. To do a good job in the sustainable development strategy of laser cutting machines, the laser cutting machine industry should speed up structural adjustments. The brand management and sustainable development of domestic low-end laser cutting machine enterprises should be implemented in the following directions; 1. Laser cutting machines Industry: Brand management and sustainable development Due to the subordination of laser cutting machines and the dependence on special users, brands have long been ignored in the laser cutting machine industry. However, with the development of the market economy, the brand effect has become more and more important. “Managing the brand has become a very important job for laser cutting machine companies. 2. The laser cutting machine industry: The e-commerce boom, especially the information management, has not only been Many laser cutting machine companies mentioned the agenda and have been implemented. In the process of implementation, relevant software at home and abroad competed on the same platform, the secondary development was fruitful, and the database was becoming more abundant. Through information management, the production cycle of laser cutting machines was greatly improved. Shorten, increase production efficiency, and increase corporate benefits. 3. Laser cutting machine market: joint reorganization of capital operation The booming market environment and good development prospects have made many entrepreneurs and investors actively invest in China’s laser cutting machine industry Among them, foreign capital and private capital are still the mainstream, investment enthusiasm is generally high, and larger technological transformation projects and new projects continue to emerge in 2006. Because cluster production is convenient for collaboration, cost reduction, market expansion, exchanges, and preferential treatment This production method was further developed in 2009. Now there are more than ten laser cutting machine cities, laser cutting machine parks, and production bases of considerable scale across the country, and ten more are under construction, preparation or planning. Many. In addition to cluster production, laser cutting machine complexes and virtual manufacturing are still being developed in some places. 4. Laser cutting machine companies: accelerate the development of high-end laser cutting machines. With the development of the automobile industry in recent years, more than 20% Laser cutting machine companies and laser cutting machine products in the automotive field have increased significantly over the previous year. Automobile companies have also put forward higher requirements for the quality of laser cutting machine products, prompting laser cutting machine companies to step up improvement and continuously improve their standards. At the same time, due to The sharp increase in the export of laser cutting machines has also driven the improvement of the level of laser cutting machines to a large extent. High Energy Laser has its own complete laser numerical control equipment production base, international senior technical personnel and high-quality sales teams, which provide domestic and foreign Customers tailor a complete set of laser processing solutions, laser equipment and full service. Wuhan High Energy Laser has 15 years of Ru0026D and manufacturing experience in the laser cutting machine industry, focusing on technological innovation, stable quality, precision manufacturing, and considerate service. Pay attention to every detail, return every customer with high quality, and take the success of customers as our corporate value. For more information about laser cutting machine products, please pay attention to http://www.gnlaser.com/
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