How to Fabricate Stainless Steel Letters

by:Caodahai     2020-06-09
The features of water jet cutting stainless steel letters are fine polished stainless steel surface and firstFirst-class workmanship.Create a water jet cutting rod using a high pressure pump with a pressure of about 4000.Water passes and accelerates at 3 times the speed.In this way, the quality of letters is the highest.3D letters are good for your storefront or building logo, we can use advanced 304 or 316 grade material, you can also apply it to stainless steel door plate, easy to install, we can also produce graphic lettering.The alloy steel grade of these steel is 304 #.s.Led letters can effectively resist corrosion and discoloration in most cases.In addition, the \"gold\" finish can be obtained from the titanium coating.Made of 304 stainless steel, this material is coated with a thin layer of titanium coloring.Because during the manufacturing process, the edges of all the faces on the letters and logos are fine lines set to #304 sIt will be polished smoothly on the letters, or tapped on the satin to keep the appearance consistent.Of course, there are also 316 grades, 316 grades are good for store signs near the seaside, and 316 grade steel plates can resist the corrosion caused by rain erosion.In any case, your project requires a one-way brush/Polish or coated with premium titanium to produce lettering according to customer specifications.Precision-Guide the laser or router to cut the font, logo or any shape from stainless steel sheet or titanium according to customer\'s requirementscoated s.s sheet.Return the paper from cut to 304 in size, laser cut the polished surface to produce the letters, and then weld the letters using silver welding.
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