how to clean your laser machine: 4 steps (with pictures)

by:Caodahai     2020-03-10
If you have ever used a laser machine, you know that some materials may release smoke when cutting/engraving.
It may leave some yellow or brown dust on your mirror, lens and machine itself.
In this video, I am willing to explain to you how to clean the laser machine, when and why.
This tutorial is also available in video (
Sorry, my English is not good)
If you like :)
Your type of machine (
I have a Trotec speed 300
You may have more or less mirrors, I have 3.
One at the back of my machine, I need to check once a year and not need much dust when cutting, so this mirror is very clean every time.
The second is on the left side of the machine, right on the right side of the work area, and before the X axe.
I need to check this every month or so.
This can take away dust or smoke when you cut a lot or when your air filter is full. . .
The last one is the actual laser center point.
You need to check this every time you want to laser carve something.
If the dust gathers on it, you may lose power or even focus at all.
Lense is an artifact that helps you finally focus on the laser.
The more dust this is, the more machines your machine has broken parts.
If you don\'t clean it, dust will gather on it, and the laser will burn the surface of your lens, which is no longer focused.
Lense is quite expensive (~100-500 CAD)
So be careful with them.
To clean these parts, just use some optical cleaner.
You can use anything at your convenience, just make sure it doesn\'t damage your work when engraving, it\'s hot/fire-proof.
I gently put a drop of liquid on each side of the mirror and mirror with some resistancestatic paper.
Depending on the number of machines you use, you may need to wash every 3 to 6 months.
I just simply use water, paper towels and Q-
Tips for cleaning machines.
If there are more stains or stickiness in some areas, you can use heavy chemical cleaners.
Just follow the direction on the bottle (
You may want to wear gloves and masks).
If you use this chemical, wait at least 24 hours before cutting the animals as these products will catch fire. . .
The tricky thing about this cleaning is that the laser machine is filled with corners where smoke can be hidden. . . .
You may want a friend to tell you if you miss some of the attractions. . .
If you have a Remove tray on your laser machine, you may also want to clean it as dust gathers a lot in this part.
I used the tub because I didn\'t have a big enough box to soak the tray. . .
It works very well!
Soak your tray in an industrial cleaner (
I dillute it at 1/10)during 2-
4 hours, finish cleaning with concentrated cleaner and Q-tips.
Be patient. This is the hardest part. . .
You\'re done, take some of your cool photos with a mask and enjoy a completely clean laser machine! Congratulation!
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