How to choose the right laser cutting machine for different industries

by:Caodahai     2021-08-20
Wuhan High Energy Laser has specialized in manufacturing laser cutting machines for 15 years. We can see our brand equipment in various industries. For every 10 YAG solid-state laser cutting machines sold nationwide, 3 are ours Equipment of Wuhan High Energy Laser. Many customers in different industries hesitate when buying a laser cutting machine, and do not know what type of laser cutting machine to choose. Here, Wuhan High Energy Laser recommends the type of laser cutting machine suitable for different industries based on its many years of sales experience. .  What is the basis for judging the type of laser cutting machine?   Here, High Energy Laser will popularize the knowledge about the core parts of the laser cutting machine. The core part of the laser cutting machine is the laser that emits the laser. The different types of lasers determine the different types of laser cutting machines. Generally, our common lasers include YAG lasers, fiber lasers, and CO2 lasers.  So what are the characteristics of these lasers? The characteristics of   YAG laser are high quantum efficiency, large stimulated radiation area, and excellent thermal performance. The development history of YAG laser has been more than 20 years, and it is relatively mature in technology and craftsmanship, and it has been widely used. Therefore, compared with other lasers, YAG laser has the longest development time and the most stable performance. Therefore, YAG solid-state laser cutting machine is the most stable laser cutting equipment. Another point is that the price of YAG lasers is generally around 10W, which is the most cost-effective compared to other lasers. The 850W developed by Wuhan High Energy Laser is currently the highest performance and configuration among domestic small and medium-power laser cutting machines, and the maximum cutting thickness is about 12. It is suitable for customers in all industries to cut sheet metal of less than 12 thicknesses.   Fiber laser is the latest research and development laser generator, domestic research and development technology can not reach, generally the fiber laser of domestic laser cutting machines are imported from abroad. The largest fiber lasers made abroad belong to SPI and IPG. Wuhan High Energy Laser uses SPI's most advanced fiber lasers. The characteristics of fiber lasers are adjustment-free, maintenance-free, high stability, capable of handling harsh working environments, and have a high tolerance for dust, shock, impact, humidity, and temperature. The most important thing is the high photoelectric conversion rate, which saves power consumption and operating costs, so its corresponding fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of good cutting effect, high precision and fast cutting speed. But the price of fiber lasers is very high, generally about 30w, so the cost of construction is relatively high. Therefore, the applicable customers are generally industries with high-quality requirements and high return rates.   The structure of the CO2 laser is relatively complicated, the volume is large, and the maintenance is not very convenient. The corresponding CO2 laser cutting machines are all high-power, and the cost is high. Therefore, general customers are not very recommended, mainly for customers who cut thick metal plates.  After the above comparison, everyone can clearly see that the YAG laser cutting machine still has great advantages, both in terms of price and cutting performance. Therefore, customers generally recommend the YAG laser cutting machine when cutting sheet metal less than 8 thick. For customers who have high requirements for the cutting effect of thin metal sheets and have sufficient budget, we recommend fiber laser cutting machines.   The above is organized and released by Wuhan High Energy Laser. If you want to know more about laser cutting machine, you can log in http://www.gnlaser.com/ to view and download the information.
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