How to buy the washing machine is a big question

by:Caodahai     2020-06-19
How Big? The first question that comes to mind is --- how big? How big is the family? How big a load does it need to handle? How big will it be, will it fit the space you have allocated? For an average Indian family with 5 to 6 members a 24 inches washing machine is perfect. Compact machines can be easily rolled near the sink and connected to the water supply for washing clothes and after the work is done, it can be wheeled back to the corner. If you have more members in the family, you will need a bigger washing machine that can wash a load of 5 to 6 kilograms or more. With bigger load capacities, you will have to make less rounds with the machine and thus finish your work faster, having said that, you will have to find enough standing space for it. As far as power efficiency is concerned the energy power stars will give you a clearer picture. Our experience says that there are slight variations in the consumption. Front Load or Top Load The best washing machine India, according to most, is the top load design. Top loaders are short on a few things, but not without its own advantages. We agree that top loading washing machines require more water, take more time compared to front load models and worst of all, these have bigger space demands. But we cannot ignore the price benefit. Top loaders are cheaper than front loaders. LG WF-T1021PFRV Top Load Washing Machine pampers your clothes and makes washing fun. A speech assistant takes care of the process and lets you know about the progress. I-Sensor, Fuzzy Logic and various other top-of-the-line-features makes the LG WF-T1021PFRV Top Load Washing Machine a good choice. Front loaders on the other hand are quick, efficient and take much less space. Also it lets you dump a few socks and pillow covers, something you cannot imagine with top loaders. Just push in the pause button and add more to the load. Since a front loading washing machine requires little space, you can add a dryer to it and yet have enough space to move around. LG F1280NDP25 Front Load Washing Machine features the unique 6 motion Direct Drive Technology which replicates hand washing and gives clean and fresh clothes with no trace of detergent. During the last few years, improvements have been made and both models have benefitted from it. RPMs have increased manifolds, prices have dropped and manufacturers are making beautiful washing machines almost perfect for the sitting room! Price The best washing machine India is one that suits the average Indian pocket. LG washing machines shine out among the rest because it sweetens the deal with a 10 year warranty on its Direct Drive motors. When the front loading models first appeared, they were quite costly. People preferred the traditional top loaders because these were cheap. Now with the entry of great manufacturers, price has dropped. Now there is not much difference in prices and new features have taken the punch out of the debate --- front loader or top loader? Today, the best washing machine India is the one which provides good returns on the buyer's investments.
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