How to buy a laser cutting machine that suits you and is cost-effective

by:Caodahai     2021-09-08
As a kind of advanced productivity, laser cutting machine is widely used in all aspects of production and life, especially in industry. One of the indispensable tools. Many processing companies have also gradually realized the unlimited business opportunities that laser cutting machines will bring, and have begun to buy laser cutting machines around the corner. But buying a laser cutting machine is not an easy task. Nowadays, there are hundreds of laser cutting machine manufacturers of different sizes, so how can you buy a laser cutting machine that suits you and is cost-effective? Next, Wuhan High Energy will teach you some practical methods. What indicators should be selected when choosing a laser cutting machine manufacturer; 1. Look at the strength of the laser cutting machine manufacturer. The current product development cycle is short, the update is faster and faster, and there are more product diversity, sample trial production, and mass production. How to complete customer orders with quality and quantity, maintain corporate reputation, and enhance corporate competitiveness is also important The arduous task faced by each operator, so purchasing processing equipment with stable performance is the prerequisite and basis. Try to choose a brand with a high market share, a sound after-sales service system, a large number of after-sales service outlets, and long-term market testing. Buying low-quality products without after-sales service at low prices will have a huge impact on the production of enterprises. 2. Look at the working efficiency of the equipment. High-power CO2 laser machine and high-power fiber laser cutting machine have fast speed and high processing efficiency. They are more suitable for processing stations specializing in foreign laser processing business. They can quickly meet customer delivery needs. In addition, large enterprises with sheet metal mass production It is also more suitable for purchasing such equipment. However, if the company's own processing capacity is insufficient, the equipment operation rate is insufficient, and the potential of the equipment cannot be fully utilized. Purchasing such equipment will cause a waste of resources. In addition, due to the purchase of high-power CO2 metal cutting machines and high-power fiber laser cutting machines Maintenance costs such as cost, use cost, accessories and consumables are quite high, which puts huge pressure on capital scheduling for small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, how to maximize the energy-saving laser cutting machine per unit capacity is the first choice for purchasing equipment. 3. Look at the processing technology of the laser cutting machine. Various laser cutting machines on the market have different application ranges for cutting materials due to their different laser power and laser types. The 500W, 750W low- and medium-power YAG metal laser cutting machine can cut high-reflective materials such as copper and aluminum, which overcomes the shortcomings of optical fibers and CO2 lasers in cutting high-reflective materials. If the company itself mainly cuts 0.3-2mm stainless steel and carbon steel thin plates, and has a certain amount of processing, then the 300-500W fiber laser cutting machine is also a good choice. The equipment purchase cost and processing efficiency are moderate, and the cost performance is high. Some deceit traps worthy of vigilance; 1. The price of laser cutting machine is too low to be vigilant. The low-power laser cutting machine on the market generally costs between 200,000 and 1 million, and the high-power is between 1 million and several million. The so-called business rules, selling anything always has to make money, it can be said that the quality is good. The guaranteed minimum price of laser cutting machine will not be lower than this range. Of course, some imported brands have higher prices. What I am talking about here refers to most laser cutting machines on the market. 2. The laser cutting machine is too old to be vigilant. The fineness of the equipment can tell whether the laser cutting machine is a first-hand product. If it is too old, you need to be vigilant. You may be buying a second-hand product. The maintenance and maintenance of the subsequent use of the laser cutting machine is very important. The quality of second-hand laser cutting machines is not guaranteed. Secondly, the follow-up maintenance costs are high. Even if the price is cheaper, the outdated machine is worth a pile of scrap iron. It takes tens of thousands of dollars to buy it and it takes up space and often breaks. It can be said that it is Worthless. So either don't buy it, or buy a new laser cutting machine. What are the reasons for choosing Wuhan High Energy Laser? Wuhan Gaoneng Laser Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of honesty, customer-centered, and customer satisfaction as the goal, providing your company with complete pre-sales and after-sales services such as installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, etc., and provide customers at any time High-quality laser technology solutions, and advanced technical support. The customer's success is our success, and the customer's satisfaction is the tireless pursuit of our talented people. Advanced craftsmanship tailor-made laser cutting equipment for you to help customers save production costs, recover investment costs as soon as possible, and obtain economic benefits. For more information about laser cutting, please visit http://www.gnlaser.com/
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