How should laser companies solve the problem of restricting the development of laser equipment

by:Caodahai     2021-08-31
The laser equipment industry has grown rapidly in recent years. In addition to the guidance of national policies, an important reason is that the laser equipment industry has basically allocated resources from the market, and its market competitiveness has also been greatly improved. my country’s laser equipment industry has now entered a critical period of development. This is also the stage of my country’s laser equipment industry changing from quantitative to qualitative. Innovation has become a new driving force for the development of the laser equipment industry. Especially in the field of laser cutting machine equipment, we must increase research and development efforts, completely get rid of the bad phenomenon of relying on foreign technology, adapt to the development requirements of low-carbon economy, and realize the popularization of laser cutting machine equipment. At the same time, by 2015, The total output value of my country's laser cutting machine industry reached 800 billion yuan. Although the development of my country's laser equipment industry has achieved certain results, its development still faces many restrictive problems, especially compared with foreign laser cutting machine industry, my country's laser cutting machine industry is obviously lagging behind in the level of manufacturing technology. , Which makes it have obvious deficiencies in the technical level and operating speed of the core operating components, product accuracy retention, and the reliability of the laser cutting machine. In order to solve this problem, we should achieve the following aspects: (1) Cultivate strategic emerging industries and modern manufacturing service industries, so as to adapt to the transformation needs of downstream industries, and provide support for the steady and rapid development of my country's equipment manufacturing industry. Provide the foundation for the establishment of a modern laser equipment industry system. (2) Comprehensively build an education and training network system for the precision laser equipment industry. Various forms of running schools effectively make laser equipment knowledge education and training work cover the entire industry. (3) Help companies effectively use WTO and other international laws to deal with trade disputes such as anti-dumping, and strive for the right to speak in the international trade system. (4) Substantive participation in international standardization work. Strive to submit several drafts of international laser equipment manufacturing standards led by my country to the International Organization for Standardization during the 12th Five-Year Plan. (5) Carry out the credit rating evaluation work of the national laser equipment industry. As long as laser equipment companies do the above points earnestly and practically, our laser equipment industry will develop by leaps and bounds. For more information about the laser cutting machine equipment industry, please pay attention to http://www.gnlaser.com/
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