How do domestic laser companies change the competitive landscape

by:Caodahai     2021-09-10
my country's laser industry has developed relatively late, and has been in low-end technology. In addition, domestic laser companies have relatively fierce competition, which has led to the slow development of my country's laser industry. The most prominent performance is the laser cutting equipment industry. Under the impact of imported equipment, domestic laser cutting machines have begun to compete for the market by reducing prices. This has made the domestic laser cutting machine industry market chaotic and product quality uneven. together.  How can we change the fierce competition pattern of domestic laser companies?   1. Exploit new laser application fields and develop new markets. The application of laser in industry is laser cutting machine and laser welding machine, and it can also be applied to laser marking machine.   2. Increase the country’s policy support for the laser industry. In addition to its own development, the laser industry also needs various policy support from the state to create a greater innovation and development environment for laser companies.  3. Increase the research and development and transformation of laser technology. Improving the performance of the entire laser equipment is an urgent matter at present, so it is necessary to increase the research and development and transformation of laser technology to compete with imported brands.   4. Strengthen laser enterprise management and standardize sales channels. Do a good job in the management of your own business, save costs, and improve efficiency. Then do a good job in national sales channel management to avoid price competition.   Wuhan High Energy Laser is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of laser cutting machines. It has its own technical patents in product research and development, so it has a unique advantage in the price competition of laser cutting machines. For more information about laser cutting machines, you can log in: http://www.gnlaser.com/
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