How can laser cutting machines improve work efficiency?

by:Caodahai     2021-08-28
Laser equipment mainly uses laser beams to irradiate the surface of the steel plate and release energy to see the steel plate melt and evaporate. Because of the high concentration of energy, it can perform rapid partial melting and heating to evaporate the steel plate. Because the energy is very concentrated, only a small amount of steel plate reaches other areas. Basically, there will be no deformation in the part, and the workpiece with complex shape can be produced by laser, and the cut workpiece can be used directly without the need for the next step of processing. Laser cutting has three advantages: good cutting quality, fast processing speed, clean, safe, and non-polluting. The power of laser cutting machine in production is certain, so if you want to improve efficiency, you need to control it manually. 1. Learning and manipulating the new machine During the operation process, the operator needs to strengthen the learning of machine performance and the proficiency of skills in the usual work process through daily production. At work, you should substitute work for practice, and strengthen the learning of all aspects of the machine in your spare time, so that you can solve small problems in the machine, and you can know where the problem is and help solve the problem when there is a big problem. 2. Modifications will be made to the CNC cutting program. For the CNC laser cutting machine, the program will be modified. The cutting point is set on the arc by the straight-line cutting method. The cut arc section is very smooth and flat to ensure Improve the quality of parts. 3. The layout plan is optimized. After consultation with the fish craft department of the workshop, the two girders share a common edge for cutting, which will not affect the cutting effect, so the efficiency can be artificially improved.
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