How big is the demand for laser cutting machines in the automobile manufacturing industry?

by:Caodahai     2021-09-01
Not long ago, it was reported that the famous BMW Motor Company purchased a large number of disc lasers from TRUMPF. This shows that under the pressure of macro-control in the market economy, the automotive manufacturing industry still has strong demand for new laser processing equipment. SPI, the world's largest laser manufacturer, claims that the automobile manufacturing industry is the largest industry support for the laser manufacturing industry, especially in the demand for laser cutting machines and laser welding machines. In the context of the post-financial crisis, major international laser companies are optimistic about the automobile manufacturing industry. New processes continue to appear, and more efficient lasers are applied to the automobile manufacturing industry and applied to all aspects of production, greatly improving production efficiency. Here is a brief introduction to the application of laser technology in the automotive industry: The application of laser cutting machines in the automobile manufacturing industry; Now many large-scale automobile manufacturers have begun to invest in laser cutting machines to change the traditional cutting process, improve processing accuracy and production Efficiency and other issues. In the processing of auto parts, laser processing technology gives full play to its advanced, fast and flexible processing characteristics. A large number of 3D laser cutting machines are used in automotive prototypes and small batch production, which not only saves prototypes and tooling equipment, but also greatly reduces production Preparation cycle. For example, the inner lining of the C-pillar of Volkswagen's Golf IV sedan, using this laser beam cutting technology, not only has a fast working speed, but also has a uniform cutting surface quality. The application of laser welding machine in the automobile manufacturing industry; Laser airbag trigger is a more precise instrument, welding airbag trigger requires excellent laser control and the most robust optical fiber transmission system. The quality of hermetic welding is a key factor affecting the use and life of airbag triggers. Proper welding depth and welding seam width can ensure that the welding strength meets the requirements, while the heat generation during welding is also controlled. The application of laser cutting technology is now not only limited to the automobile manufacturing industry, but has been widely used in shipbuilding, aerospace and aviation. I believe that in the near future, the application of laser cutting machines will promote the development of my country's machinery manufacturing industry, drive the national economy, and further enhance my country's processing industry. For more information about the application of laser cutting machines, please visit http://www.gnlaser.com/
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