How about the performance of YAG laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-08-21
YAG laser cutting machine belongs to domestic solid laser cutting machine. It is the earliest laser cutting equipment. After so many years of research and development and innovation, the performance of laser cutting equipment is relatively stable. Since its development, the penetration rate of YAG laser cutting machines on the market is very high. Although new types of laser cutting equipment are emerging one after another, it must be reasonable that it can survive until now. So what is the performance of YAG laser cutting machines? Why are so many companies using it? Let's analyze it for you. YAG laser cutting machine uses YAG crystal as the stimulated radiation medium. Because YAG crystal is a solid medium, it is also called 'solid laser cutting machine. YAG laser cutting machine is currently the most widely used laser equipment for cutting metal. The reasons are as follows:    1. Compared with other metal cutting equipment, YAG laser cutting machine is much higher in accuracy than traditional plasma cutting machines, flame cutting machines and water cutting equipment, and is more flexible than punching equipment such as punching machines. It has high performance and can process patterns of various shapes, which is suitable for many processing industries.    2. Compared with other modern laser equipment, the purchase price of YAG laser cutting machine is much lower than other laser equipment, and it can process metal With a wide range of materials (including highly reflective metal aluminum, copper, silver and other materials), YAG laser cutting machine is an entry-level laser cutting equipment, and the cost recovery in the later stage is much faster than other laser equipment.    So, if you plan to buy a laser Cutting equipment, YAG laser cutting machine is a good choice for companies with relatively limited benefits. The 850W solid-state laser cutting machine developed by Wuhan High Energy Laser is the first domestic YAG series of laser cutting equipment with the largest power. Its Ru0026D strength and after-sales service are very good. You can refer to: Wuhan’s high-energy laser equipment is well-known for its “quality in a thousand miles”.
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