high hopes for beer bottles enliven packaging conferences.

by:Caodahai     2020-03-24
* 300 billion beer bottles per year around the world are a very attractive target for the plastic industry.
So it\'s not surprising that on the latest Nova 13 out of 24 newspapers focused on beer packaging
Scho\' 99 European Conference, held in Germany by schoman, N. J.
The highlight is the first published comparison of multi-layer and barrier manufacturing costs
Coating PET beerbottles, latest progress on the barrier material of nano-composite materials, and about \"superheat-
\"PET bottle.
More new developments in beer bottles will be in Nova-atSchotland-
S. 2000 conference in Orlando, Florida.
At the end of this month.
The meeting will hear about two new plastic processing techniques for PET bottles and the overforming process of premade rods.
New barrier and coated beer manufacturers often say they need a bottle that can provide a shelf life of more than 120 days and lose less than 15% [CO. sub. 2]
Access to oxygen is no more than 1 ppm.
Internal or external coating, and three-or five-
To achieve this performance, the layer PET structure using barrier materials is being evaluated.
The coming new star
The Pack America conference will hear a \"glass\" barrier --
Coating methods and \"injection coverage\" techniques developed by the Tetra Pak plastic container.
In Geneva, Switzerland,S.
My office is in Schaumburg.
Bottles made with these two techniques are said to be completely recyclable, though completely recyclable
The scale test is still in progress.
The commercial release of technology will begin in the first quarter.
The first process is called Glaskin. the inner surface of the coat is very thin. the clear layer of silica uses avacuum-
Deposition process.
It is reported that the \"glass\" coating can be applied at a speed of 6000 to 18,000 bottles/hour.
Designed for juices and carbonated soft drinks.
The coating is said to extend the shelf life of PET bottles from 4 months to 12 months.
It is reported that the silicon carrier can also maintain a good flavor.
Sealica is the patented process of LeEco bag for forming amulet
Use the brand\'s layer PET pre-made stick
A new thermoplastic epoxy resin Blox from Midland Dow Plastics, Michigan.
Use special equipment for injection molding of PET premade rods and then supermold them with theBlox material.
This coverage process allows the thickness of the barrier to be changed as needed. (
For more information about Blox, see p. 25. )
Atlanta has developed another new process for applying silicon oxide to the outside of the aPET bottle
Headquarters of Coca-Cola Company
Cooperate with Essen University in Germany.
It uses vacuum
Coating Technology from Lebao systems and bottles
Processing System from German Krone. (
Lebao Technology is located in Enfield, Connecticut, USA.
And crowns
We are Franklin. ).
Barrier enhanced silicone treatment PET (BESTPET)
Process is reported to give beer 6-
Monthly shelf life.
The coating process can be installed between the blowing and filling system and can be coated with 0. 5-
Literbottles is up to 20,000 km/h.
It is said that the coating can also recover 100%. A 3000-
The Le/hr prototype is installed in Lebao, Germany.
The first business unit will run in coca this year.
Shuttle plants.
Leopold and Krone will provide this process to other companies.
Nano-composite material news-
The size of clay platelets scattered in the resin matrix is a new barrier concept for PET bottles.
In addition to the gas barrier, Nano clay is reported to give higher strength, stiffness, dimensional stability and heat resistance to the single layer PET structure, Chris Matayabas, project manager, Eastman Chemical
Tenn\'s Kingsport
When nano
The aspect ratio of thick plates is more than 200: 1, layered in the polymer matrix, they create a \"tortuous path\" for gas molecules, reducing oxygen permeability to about 2. 66 cc-mil/100-sq-in-day-
ATM around the 11 th
33 pets.
To achieve this effect, only 10% Nano clay is needed. Just 1-
A29-the weight of Nano clay in the nylon middle layer is 3%
G, PET/nylon/PET bottles reduce the oxygen transfer of PET only from 30 microliters to 2 microliters per day.
Haze range is about 3-
Matayabas said 15%, is satisfactory for amber bottles, but may not be satisfactory for transparent bottles.
Eastman is developing the technology with clay supplier nanocor
Arlington Heights, MarylandSuper-heat-Set pet new hot-
It is said that setting technology can make pets suitable for \"super\"hot-
Fill in the \"application to expose the bottle for at least 203 F 5 minutes.
Corpoplast, Germany (U. S.
Office in brasserie, New JerseyJ. )
The new MonoTherm process, he says, has raised pet appeal to 39-
42%, thus increasing the heat resistance to nearly 248 Fwhile while reducing the residual stress.
Produced bottles can withstand super
Hot filling of juice, tea and coffee.
MonoThermbottles can also withstand beer pasteurization without the need for molding
Used in reinforced panels and ribs. Normal stretch-
The blowing process usually increases the crystalline degree of PET to 20%, and the heat resistance to about 185 F.
This is enough for pasteurization, except for beer, which has panels and ribs in the bottle due to its carbonated pressure.
MonoTherm controls the temperature of the bottle bottom, bottle body and neck by using three fluid loops in the mold, thus further improving the crystal degree of the bottle, about 176, 284-
320 and 68 F, respectively.
High blowing pressure forces the bottle to the hot mold.
Other process improvements are in the case of air cooling inside the bottle, a lower blow, a lower stretch ratio and a longer mold stay.
The Corpoplast reported a contraction of less than 0. 5% for a 0.
5L thermos-
Fill to 203 F with 3-
Psi internal pressure.
Produce 900 bottles/hour/mold.
What is the cheapest way to do a 0?
5L PET barrier bottle?
Summit International Limited, Smyrna, Ga.
Companies specializing in pre-made rod and container development and market research compare the manufacturing costs of five different barrier technologies to standard single-layer PET bottles.
Three at the summit-layer, five-
Layers, as well as containers coated internally and externally, all of which are re-heated to stretch-blow molded.
It found that bottles with external coatings were expensive, while bottles with internal coatings were the highest.
The company compared five.
Layer structure with oxygen
Three kinds
$2 bottle.
50/pound barrier material, and the second three-
The layer structure of the $6/pound barrier.
In addition, slaughterhouse coated internally using Sidel\'s New Actis plasma is also comparedtechnology (
Sepp, June. 22)
A bottle was applied outside.
Capital investment (
Pre-forming and bottle machines, utilities, downstream equipment, quality control, spare parts and installation)
Production of 20,000 bottles per hour is $10.
Five people 8 millionLayerbottle, $ Action to be taken.
9 million for two-
Layer structure, $9.
The internal coating is $2 million and $7.
5 Out, $6.
8 million with nobarrier.
Direct manufacturing costs per 1000 (
Materials, energy, labor, maintenance and scrap)amounts to $66.
The price of the three floors is $57 and the price is $59.
Five floors 35, $55.
External coating $34, $54.
63 for three levels and low
Cost barriers, $46.
Internal coating $90, $44.
No obstacles.
New barrier coating for juice bottles new barrier coating for pet fruits-
Juice bottles were used in the original commercial application.
Bairocade epoxy
The amine coating was originally developed by the PPG industrial company.
Carbonatedsoft in Pittsburgh-
Drinks and beer bottles.
GrahamPackaging Co. is using an updated coating. LLC, York, Pa. Two orders-
Juice bottles are provided.
Cranberry, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. , uses a 16-oz size.
OldOrchard brand of Mich Sparta. , uses a 20-oz bottle.
Rocrocade coating is reported to extend the shelf life by 300%.
Apply the coating to the outside of the bottle with Electrostatic spraying, and then solidify in the infrared oven to produce a smooth surface to prevent wear and reduce blur.
PPG said that coated bottles can be recycled.
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