Have you done the daily maintenance of the laser cutting machine?

by:Caodahai     2021-08-25
Regardless of whether the machine can operate normally, its daily maintenance is very important. The same is true for laser cutting machines. In order to prevent laser cutting machines from malfunctioning during work, we must not ignore the daily maintenance. Next, we will invite experts from Wuhan High Energy Laser to analyze how to do a good job of maintenance methods. 1. Fastening motion system of screws and couplings After working for a period of time, the screws and couplings at the motion connection will be loosened, which will affect the stability of the mechanical motion, so it is necessary to observe whether the transmission components are present during the operation of the machine. If there are abnormal noises or abnormal phenomena, they should be strengthened and maintained in time if the problem is found. At the same time, the machine should use tools to tighten the screws one by one after a period of time. The first firming should be about one month after the equipment is used.  2, water replacement and water tank cleaning (it is recommended to clean the water tank and replace the circulating water once a week)   3, fan cleaning. Long-term use of the fan will accumulate a lot of solid dust in the fan, causing the fan to produce a lot of noise, and it is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization.  4. Inspection of optical path. The optical path system of the laser engraving machine is completed by the reflection of the mirror and the focusing of the focusing mirror. In the optical path, the focusing mirror does not have the problem of offset, but the three mirrors are fixed by the mechanical part, and the possibility of offset is relatively high. Large, although there will be no deviation under normal circumstances, it is recommended that the user check whether the optical path is normal before each work. 5. The cleaning of the lens (it is recommended to clean before work every day, and the equipment must be turned off)    6. The cleaning of the guide rail (recommended to clean once every half a month, shut down operation) Guide rail, linear axis as one of the core components of the equipment, its function It plays a guiding and supporting role. Note: Please prepare-dry cotton cloth and lubricating oil to clean the guide rail.   The above are the care methods to ensure that the laser cutting machine can work normally in production. Doing these maintenance can not only prevent it from malfunctioning, but also extend the service life of the laser cutting machine. So friends, you must pay attention!
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