Harm of laser radiation

by:Caodahai     2021-09-25
Laser processing uses high-power and high-energy laser beams, which may cause serious damage to human eyes and skin; for example, a He-Ne laser beam of only a few milliwatts directly enters the human eye and focuses on the irradiance and radiation of the retina. The amount of illumination can be significantly greater than the result of sunlight. Pay special attention to the reflection hazard of the workpiece. Other hazards:   laser processing systems often use high voltages and high currents, which may cause electric shock accidents (especially the holding voltage of energy storage capacitors);    harmful smoke generated during laser processing; ionizing radiation; strong light radiation and plasma discharge from flashlamps Tube UV radiation and its photochemical hazards, etc.;   Laser hazard classification: Class 1-no danger; Class 2-low risk; Class 3A-low dangerous medium power; Class 3B-medium dangerous medium power; Class 4- High risk and high power. (The above is a metal laser cutting machine edited and compiled from the Internet, please explain the source again for reprinting!)
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