Good quality leather has always given a unique

by:Caodahai     2020-06-29
Leather made out from cowhide is used for various purpose like making shoes, wallets, belts, jackets etc. but for decorating your home you can use furniture made out of it or if you are just looking to give your home a touch of elegance, cowhide pillows are the best option available. The major advantage of using a cowhide pillow is its adjustable behavior with the season as it gives embraces you with a cool feeling during summers and will leave you with a warm feeling during winters. You may find some scars on the cowhide which are the result of their natural habitat and their struggle to save the cattles, but this is what gives cowhide pillows a natural appearance and you can always be sure that you have bought an original product. These cowhide pillows being made from natural skin are soft and supple and these qualities improve with the regular use of it. As this can prove to be a great asset that you possess and can show-off with, you need to take care of cowhide pillows in a proper way: Vacuum it once in a week and if you live in a dusty prone area, give it a good shake to get rid of all the dust. Make sure that it is not damped with water as this can result in shrinking of the skin and can also affect its durability. In case of any spill, clean it immediately with a soft cloth and can leave it for drying in shade. Never put cowhide pillows under direct sunlight as this can fade the natural color of the skin, resulting in dullness of the product. Do not, in any case, dry clean or machine wash it. If there is some stain, clean it with soft cloth and mild soap solution. No harsh chemicals to be used. With the help of dying process, you can be a proud owner of different designs of cowhide pillows even with the print of some other animal skins like zebra, leopard, giraffe etc. As every cowhide is unique based on the scars, you will never find anything identical in the market and by this you can be sure what you have is only with you and no one can purchase a similar looking commodity. You can visit our site today, choose any cowhide pillow from our range and give your personality a different feel.
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