Ghana will build laser cutting diamond system

by:Caodahai     2021-09-11
Recently, Ghana Rare Minerals Corporation (PMMC, a state-owned company in charge of Ghanaian gold and diamond sales) announced that it will establish a gold refinery and a laser cutting system that can handle complex and larger diamonds in Canada before July 2013. It is reported that the Canadian Rare Minerals Company will obtain more profits from the local gold and diamond industry operations, combat gold fraudulent activities, and increase gold purchases and related employment opportunities. Advantages of laser processing diamonds:    good laser beam quality, small focus spot, narrow incision, fast processing speed, small heat-affected zone; flat, smooth incision, no cracks, high yield; high productivity, tight incision, wafer area utilization high. Automatic feeding and unloading, automatic image processing, without manual operation. The cutting speed is fast, high efficiency and high precision. Non-contact processing, no consumables, low use and maintenance costs.
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