Four directions for the high-end development of domestic laser equipment

by:Caodahai     2021-09-10
The development of my country's laser cutting machine industry has a history of many years, but the domestic market share is generally low. The impact of imported laser cutting machine brands on the domestic market has caused the development of domestic laser cutting machines to stagnate. How can we change this pattern? Wuhan High Energy Laser believes that domestic laser cutting machines need to develop towards high-end, designing high-performance, cost-effective laser equipment to conquer customers. Wuhan High Energy Laser has put forward four viewpoints for the high-end development of the laser equipment industry. 1. Exploring new laser cutting machine application market or upgrading the existing laser cutting machine market, driving the upgrading and upgrading of ordinary processing technology and semi-intelligent cutting technology, and stimulating the domestic demand of domestic laser cutting machines, and driving the high-end laser equipment industry The rapid upgrade.   2. Actively implement the national science and technology project for high-end laser cutting machines and basic manufacturing equipment, create a domestic independent innovation technology environment, market-oriented, enterprise-themed, and scientific research institutions as the foundation to drive my country's high-tech innovation in an all-round way.  3. Pay close attention to technological transformation and promote the overall upgrade of the industrialization of medium and high-end laser cutting machines. Make full use of preferential policies such as discounts for national technological transformation, focus on key points, strengthen management, increase the ratio of capital input and output, lay a solid foundation, and provide rapid development for technological innovation.  4. Strengthen corporate management, save costs and improve efficiency. Laser equipment manufacturers should start from the strengthening of internal management, carry out cost-saving and efficient actions, maintain a reasonable operation of capital flows, and allocate human resources to avoid labor damage and ensure the normal operation of the enterprise.   After years of low-end development, my country’s laser cutting machines now urgently need to enhance product competitiveness, create high value-added products, and take the high-end development route. As the processing difficulty increases, the sheet metal processing technology will embark on a high-end route. The laser cutting machine industry is driven by the development of high-tech aviation manufacturing. The localization technology level of high-end laser equipment will continue to improve, and the development in the next few years In China, my country’s laser equipment industry will focus its work on vigorously improving independent innovation capabilities, improving the level of industrialization, and ultimately accelerating the upgrading of the laser industry.
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