filling first, packaging after: axellia is a leading producer of fermented anti-infective active pharmaceutical ingredients (apis) and injectable finished products. looking to expand its manufacturing capacity for injectables, the company turned to bosch

by:Caodahai     2020-03-24
In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, axellia recently started to produce finished API dosage forms for injection.
This enables the company to provide the original api and finished products in an injection format.
However, the company\'s existing injection filling line is dedicated to powder filling and is limited to a few API products.
In order to expand the capacity of finished injections and extend their product portfolio to different bee products, they seek a liquid-filled solution with aseptic processing and freeze-drying capabilities.
Due to the unstable nature of some api products, they must be frozen
After filling into the injected vial dry into powder form to ensure the finished product as a reasonable shelflife.
Axellia ordered a complete filling line from Bosch in the summer of 07, including washing machines, sterilization tunnels, filling and capping machines, and Super capping machines.
To meet the unique requirements of the project, Bosch delivered the FLC 3080 filling and sealing machine--
Time provided-
Pressure filling, automatic cleaning-in-place (CIP)
Disinfection-in-place (SIP)systems--
Automatic Weight inspection system.
Time specified by Axellia
Because CIP and SIP processes are easier to verify, the pre-filling system replaces the traditional pump filling system.
At that time, there were fewer mechanical parts.
The pressure filling system minimizes maintenance compared to the pumping filling system and provides a simpler cleaning and sterilization process.
The automatic CIP/SIP system function of the machine provides some key benefits for Axellia.
Including Deng-
Line integrated sterilization filter, no need to disassemble the system.
The system complies with GMP regulations, shortens production time and eliminates the danger of product contamination.
Fully automated, non-
Destructive Inspection-
The process control system ensures the best product quality control.
The filling machine runs at a speed of 300 vials per minute at 8-hour shift.
The electronic weighing system controls 8 random samples every 3 minutes, and incorrect dosing is automatically rejected without interruption of processing.
At the same time, the system provides real-timetime in-
Feedback on the process of time
Ensure accurate quantitative pressure packing.
This fully automatic system reduces the need to have a high quality insurance engineer on site, thereby reducing labor costs and minimizing total cost of ownership.
This is unique for Axellia
Process control provides a tracking system jointly designed by Bosch engineers
Cooperate with frozen supplier-driers.
This tracking system provides direct communication between filling machine and freezing equipment
Dryer and capping machine, make sure that incorrect vials are automatically rejected even after freezingdrying process. [
Slightly] Illustrations[
Slightly] Illustrations[
Slightly] Illustrations
When Bosch delivered the full filling line in the summer of 08, they were also looking for the final packagingof-
Pack the vials into a second package solution of the carton.
Bosch offers the solution again. For the end-of-
Line packaging, Axellia requires a labeling machine, a turntable, a color adjustment machine, checkweigher, drawing board and packing machine, Bosch is able to provide custom packagingstop-
Buy solutions by purchasing labeling machines, stretch banks and case Packers from the third
Party vendors and integrate them with their own color palette and checkweight equipment.
Provide barrier-free environment and servo technology;
Industrial PC control systems and ergonomic touch screen operating panels provide safety, reliability and failure-
Free production run.
Inserting products from the back of the machine significantly reduces maintenance time and provides easier cleaning and trouble shooting.
The package of the drive part and the tilt guard greatly reduces the time required for the line gap.
The KWE 4000 modular weight inspection system meets the requirements of drug safety and cGMP, is easy to operate and easy to integrate lines.
The control cabinet of the checkweigher and operator terminal provides superior accessibility.
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Schreiber, head of pharmaceutical liquid, product management, BoschPackaging Technology (Klaus. Schreber @ Bosch. com)
Ralph first, pharmaceutical manager, product department, Bosch Packaging Technology Company (ralph. pfister@bosch. com).
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