Fiber laser shows new method of cutting metal

by:Caodahai     2021-09-13
The new process has great potential. It will not produce burrs in a large cutting speed range, and it can also perform high-speed cutting in narrow contour cutting to produce high-quality cuts. IPU was formerly known as the Danish Institute for Product Development, the Institute for Product Development. A new concept developed using a single-mode fiber laser for laser cutting has begun to be applied in the DOEFLAC and ROBOCUT projects, and has been carried out with many other project partners. Cooperation.  Custom beam shape   These projects are based on a principle that: Compared with traditional laser cutting using a single circular laser beam, the new cutting process uses a complex laser beam shape. High-brightness, high-power solid-state laser sources, such as fiber lasers, demonstrate their potential in future metal cutting applications. This makes it possible to apply local pressure on the melt flowing out of the incision, which far exceeds the pressure of the coaxial gas jet commonly used in laser cutting. It is expected that after the completion of the two projects, this cutting technology will become increasingly mature and reach a certain level, which can be used to manufacture and sell products in accordance with normal commercial conditions. Utilize the unique focusing characteristics of high-power single-mode fiber lasers to generate complex beam shapes and make it possible to separate a part of the overall laser energy in order to create a 'keyhole for laser welding or laser cutting applications.    Initially Experimental tests show that this new processing method has the potential to surpass advanced fiber laser cutting machines and CO2 laser cutting machines, and is faster, more effective, and cheaper than the latter two laser cutting technologies. The rest of the energy Will be distributed to the melt; before that, the main beam is used to create an appropriately high vapor pressure distribution on the surface of the molten material. As a result, the incision is very narrow.
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