Fiber laser cutting machine brings a new situation in sheet metal processing

by:Caodahai     2021-09-15
When fiber laser cutting machine thin metal, it has obvious speed advantage compared with CO2 laser, and the power required is lower than CO2 laser. But the speed advantage of fiber lasers is not obvious when cutting thick metals. For larger workpiece thicknesses (greater than 4mm), the cutting speed of the fiber laser drops to a level equivalent to that of a CO2 laser. In essence, the speed at which fiber lasers cut large thick workpieces has dropped significantly, mainly due to the absorption mechanism of fiber laser radiation. The absorptivity of the fiber laser radiation reaches the highest value when its thickness is small, and then decreases when it becomes thicker. On the contrary, the radiation absorption of the CO2 laser increases as the thickness of the processed metal part increases, and the thickness of the processed part reaches The absorbency also reaches the highest value when it is the highest. Competition in the laser market is becoming increasingly fierce. New technologies, new applications and continuous improvement of existing technologies are constantly changing the market structure. Born in the 1960s and developed in the 90s, fiber lasers continue to expand their territory by virtue of her innate advantages, and fully expand to optical communications, high-power laser processing, laser medicine, and biotechnology, especially in laser processing. The development potential of optical communications has made the industry amazed. This new darling of the market may replace traditional lasers someday in the future.  With the maturity of laser technology, the application of lasers in various fields has become increasingly popular. Especially in the fields of laser processing, optical communications, and laser weapons. In the field of laser processing, due to its outstanding advantages such as energy concentration, easy operation, high flexibility, high efficiency, high quality, energy saving and environmental protection, it has quickly become widespread in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, railway, shipbuilding and other industrial sectors. Including almost all areas of the national economy, it is hailed as 'a common processing method for manufacturing systems. In the field of optical communications, semiconductor lasers firmly control the market and develop rapidly with the popularity of optical communications. Laser weapons have followed The successful development of various types of laser weapons may completely change the face of future battlefield operations, especially in various levels of air defense and anti-missile systems, the traditional weapon systems in service may be eliminated.    But with the deepening of the application, the traditional laser Some of the restrictive factors such as large size, many discrete components, difficult maintenance, short life and other shortcomings are becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, fiber lasers have taken the opportunity to rise by virtue of their inherent unique advantages.    In the field of metal processing, cutting is indispensable One of the most important processes. After the birth of the first laser cutting machine in the 1970s, laser cutting is widely used in automobile, rolling stock manufacturing, Metallurgy and other industrial fields are recognized as one of the most effective means to replace traditional processing, and enjoy the reputation of 'a common processor in manufacturing systems.'   However, with the continuous deepening of practical applications, the disadvantages of traditional laser machines, such as bulky size, many discrete components, difficult maintenance, and short life, have become increasingly apparent, which restricts the development of metal processing technology to a certain extent. In this context, fiber laser technology emerged as needed. With the market's recognition of fiber lasers, many machine tool manufacturers have also accelerated the development and production of fiber laser technology. Compared with ordinary carbon dioxide laser cutting machines, the fiber laser cutting machine consumes less space and gas, and has a higher photoelectric conversion rate. It is a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly product with huge market potential.  In terms of market share in the field of material processing, metal processing is the most important application area of u200bu200blasers. Sheet metal cutting requires the perfect combination of high output power and high beam quality, especially when cutting thick-section metal; therefore, only a few lasers are suitable for thick-section metal cutting. Because the quality of the laser beam usually attenuates as the output power increases. The dominant laser product in sheet metal cutting is the CO2 laser because of its high-power unit and high beam quality.  In processing 10mm stainless steel, CO2 lasers can obtain superior cutting edge quality compared with fiber lasers. It is difficult to achieve effective melt jetting with narrow cuts produced by high-luminance fiber lasers when cutting thick steel at high speeds, resulting in a decrease in cutting edge quality.
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