Fiber laser becomes a 'spoiler' in sheet metal processing

by:Caodahai     2021-09-12
Sheet metal processing and sheet metal are two indispensable industries in our lives. Almost all metal manufacturing uses sheet metal processing, and sheet metal parts have a high rate of participation in machinery and equipment manufacturers, since 2005 Since the beginning of the year, the sheet metal industry has developed rapidly, and its position and weight in the market have become more and more important. It has not only brought huge economic benefits to our enterprises, but also brought to the production and life of our residents. convenient. The demand for production capacity is accelerating to promote the rapid development of the sheet metal industry. China is a major manufacturing and export country. Many foreign companies have come to China to invest. With the advancement of science, the metal finishing capacity continues to expand, and the chassis and cabinets belonging to the metal processing industry, Metal packaging boxes such as electronic control boxes are all sheet metal processing parts, and their demand changes also affect the demand for sheet metal processing. Profits increase, sheet metal processing requires relatively high labor requirements, while stamping can reach about 30%, and laser cutting can reach about 50%. Although sheet metal processing now only accounts for about 25% of metal processing, as the market progresses , I believe that the market share occupied by sheet metal processing will become larger and larger. At present, my country's CNC laser cutting technology has begun to take shape. Advanced laser cutting, in conjunction with the application and assistance of sheet metal processing, will become the key to the overall progress of the domestic automotive industry. Laser cutting technology is accompanied by the sheet metal industry. The development of auto parts and automobile body molding is the focus of laser cutting applications. Now the new technologies and new processes of laser cutting and sheet metal processing have become the magic weapon for manufacturers to win. 1. Laser cutting Laser cutting has good cutting effect and precision, and it is very simple to operate. It has more obvious advantages than machine cutting, such as fast cutting speed, narrow cutting seam, high cut smoothness, and slight deformation. , The heat-affected zone is small, and the efficiency is high. Now the cutting is not only limited to the two-dimensional plane cutting, but also developing towards the three-dimensional cutting. 2. Laser welding Laser welding can help us realize the welding of equipment and other castings. A large number of laser welding has gradually reduced the weight of the car body, and has high quality and safety performance. In addition, it is in line with the application of sheet metal processing technology. , Has become the current domestic automobile body processing technology that does my part. 3. Laser drilling Laser drilling is not only suitable for round holes with larger diameters, but also for round holes with smaller diameters. In some well-known laser drilling companies, it is possible to achieve small diameters of less than 0.2mm and depth of 7mm. Hole processing. With the continuous development of sheet metal processing, the demand for laser processing equipment is becoming more and more obvious, especially the demand for high-power laser equipment is increasing day by day.
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