Features and advantages of laser processing technology

by:Caodahai     2021-09-28
The laser itself is a coherent light source with high brightness, accurate directivity, monochromaticity and parallelism of the laser beam, and has a very high energy density. When focused, the laser beam can generate high temperatures on the irradiated material. Under the action of tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature, no matter how hard the material is, it will instantly melt and evaporate, and at the same time, a shock wave will be generated to melt and remove the material. In the process of laser material processing, it essentially causes local heating and melting to form vaporized material.  Laser processing technology can process parts that are difficult to achieve with traditional methods. For example, for large steel parts of the box, many holes of different sizes need to be processed. This is not possible with traditional processing methods. Laser processing technology can meet these requirements. Even if the same parts are processed, laser processing technology is also accurate. It has the advantages of high performance and short time, so that the product has strong market competitiveness. Laser processing has strong flexibility in a two-dimensional plane. When using a laser cutting machine, the workpiece does not move. The cutting head of the cutting machine is in a moving state, which will not cause processing dead angles, so that the utilization rate of processed materials is correspondingly improved, and equipment can be omitted. The micro connection makes the laser processing equipment more concise. The computer control system of the laser processing equipment is controlled as a whole, and the corresponding processing can be carried out without separately controlling the parts, setting the mold and designing the processing route. Therefore, the process preparation time of laser processing technology can be greatly reduced. The laser processing equipment has a fast processing speed, which shortens the processing time and improves the production efficiency.
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