Does IPL hair removal really work?

by:Caodahai     2020-02-19
This is the inside story under the intense pulse light.
Is it effective, is it painful, and how is it compared to laser hair removal?
Since the beginning of its humble IPL, depilation has come a long way.
The good news is that we now have a more effective depilation product that can be offered to us in the form of a laser-a growing and mature field in the treatment industry that is worth 2.
19 billion according to the master\'s program in International skin aging, by 2019.
Bad news is more confusing, often risk.
Related to the world of treatment.
Here we answer a few of your burning hair removal questions and with the help of experts, hope to solve tangled vs smoothly. laser question. What is IPL?
IPL, representing intense pulse light, is a light therapy for a variety of dermatological procedures including depilation.
So what is the difference between IPL and laser hair removal technology?
Unlike laser therapy, laser therapy has only one specific wavelength emitted from the diode according to your target, and the IPL has multiple wavelengths (
Between 500 and 1,200 NM)
Things scattered in the skin
Just like all light-based treatments, the IPL works by emitting a wavelength to the skin, and in the case of depilation, the wavelength targets the pigment.
\"It works the same way that black clothing absorbs heat on a hot day, while white clothing reflects that,\" explains laser expert Debbie Thomas . \".
\"The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair.
\"It will soon turn hot and then kill the growing cells that make the hair,\" added Thomas . \".
However, the hair has to be alive to work, \"at this point we mean it has to be attached to the bulb of the growing cells --
When you unplug a hair with a small jelly bulb around it, it\'s one of 20 to 40 cents of live hair on your body.
If you pull it out but don\'t, it\'s a dead hair that can stay on your skin for three weeks.
That\'s why you need to do up to 12 treatments for hair removal lasers to capture all the hairs in their life cycle.
However, as a spokesman for the SK: N Clinic explained, \"IPL is far less effective than laser hair removal.
The energy is generated by a lamp, a bit like a bulb, producing a wide variety of radio waves, which means that it is more dispersed and less functional, usually limited to use on a fairer skin type.
\"How does IPL and laser hair removal work?
Unlike laser therapy that emits a specific wavelength, the IPL works like a flash --
The light that emits the scattering wavelength makes the IPL very targeted.
This also means that it will also affect the pigment in your skin, so the IPL is only effective for people with fair and dark hair on their skin.
\"Now it is generally believed that IPL is a good tool for treating blood vessels, but it is not a good tool for hair removal.
In fact, this is limited and very uncomfortable, \"said Dr. Patrick Bowler, laser specialist and director of the Court Clinic.
\"The biggest advantage of the laser is that you can set them up specifically and adjust the nano-wavelength to target the exact pigment.
For example, we know that brown hair is scratched at 800 nm.
\"So is it more painful if the laser is more effective? Not at all.
\"The Laser feels like a hot elastic band bullet, but it does make a difference from the laser to the laser,\" explained Thomas.
Most experts also believe that the laser is \"much more painful than using hundreds of wavelengths of IPL per pulse, which will only heat the skin without reducing the growth of the hair,\" SK: n\'s experts explained
Most modern laser machines are also equipped with cooling fans to eliminate pain, while some lasers, including the soprano, are actually painful --free.
However, you may be red and scaled for the time being, but it will fade.
Where should I go with laser hair removal?
\"It\'s usually the case if a quote sounds too good and untrue.
\"Cheap offers often indicate that Sharon has purchased budget, substandard equipment and that employees are not necessarily trained at a high level,\" Thomas warned . \".
According to experience, the cost of the top laser machine is between 35 k and 65 k, while the cost of the IPL phone is between 3 k and 10 k.
Go to a reputable clinic;
We recommend the Court Clinic, EF Medispa, Debbie Thomas and SK: N clinics at the Harry clinic.
\"It\'s not like it was no longer when the laser and the IPL were previously regulated, so it\'s really a minefield,\" Bowler explained . \" Do your research before you book anywhere.
If you can, please talk to the previous patient.
Is there a good clinic still doing IPL treatment?
Yes, as a cheap alternative to lasers.
However, the consensus of experts is that the laser is more effective if you want effective depilation, especially in larger areas and darker skin.
So who is suitable for laser hair removal?
\"As long as your hair is the right color ,(dark)
And skin color ,(pale)
\"You can do light hair removal anywhere in your body,\" Thomas said . \".
Unlike IPL, which only treats pale skin, some lasers will now treat hair removal to dark skin, including Nd: YAG laser, which has a slightly longer wavelength, it is safe to use on darker skin, although it is worth checking the risk first.
As for the removal of white hair, \"This is a myth.
Dr. Nick Low warned: \"Lasers can\'t remove blonde, redhead, white hair or gray hair, and we hope there will be some radio frequency or ultrasound treatment soon, but they are not perfect yet and are not called lasers.
\"Don\'t trust anyone who tells you that their laser can remove white hair,\" Bowler added . \".
Remember to stay away from any laser or IPL if you are sunburned.
\"Within four weeks of exposure to the sun, we don\'t use lasers or IPL at all because it can target the pigment in the skin and cause scars,\" said Thomas.
\"So is the self. tanning.
If you are pregnant or do not recommend breastfeeding hair removal.
Some drugs or supplements (certain anti-biotics, anti-
Inhibitors including St. John\'s Wort)
\"This can also cause skin allergies, so hair removal is not recommended,\" Thomas said . \".
What kind of laser machine is best?
\"Alexander is good for pale skin, and ND: Yag is good for all skin tones,\" Thomas said . \".
Bowler also recommends soprano, while Lao uses cyelite Elite clinically.
How do I prepare hair removal treatment?
Your clinic should give you a patch test before any treatment.
\"In each area where you are treated, the skin and hair behave differently in different areas,\" Thomas said . \".
Shave, bleach, trim hair
\"Between treatment, waxing and pulling hair is perfectly OK,\" explained Thomas . \".
How much laser treatment do I need?
The progress rate of laser treatment is 6 to 12 times, but the change is great, \"it depends on the body part of your treatment, the growth of hormones, Thomas suggested: \"Lifestyle and medications can affect how many bookings you need. \".
Although you will get better results, keep booking on a regular basis.
\"In general, treatment takes 15 to 90 minutes depending on the size of the area,\" Lowe said . \".
How much is hair removal?
Laser prices vary a lot, but in a reputable clinic, the average cost of treating the calf should be 160, the bikini line should be 90, and you have 75 under your arm.
What questions should I ask when I find a reputable clinic?
First check the online review, \"This is a good indicator now,\" Thomas said . \".
Check out the machines that the clinic also recommends for you.
When you find a clinic that you like, ask them what kind of laser they have and Thomas says: \"If they have a few, it shows that they invest in the equipment, if you don\'t get results on a particular machine, they will have a replacement. \".
Ask the clinic how long it has been for laser hair removal, five years or more is what you want, and your therapist should operate the machine for at least one year.
Again, make sure they do patch testing before your first treatment.
What about household gadgets?
\"Due to EU regulations, they work normally but are restricted in terms of power settings,\" Bowler explained . \".
\"However, they do have a place to play because after you \'ve had a series of professional treatments, they can get the odd hair out.
They are a good maintenance but will not give you a good long-term result.
Approved by the FDA (
S. testing agency, which is usually more stringent than the EU)
, IluminageTOUCH permanent hair removal system, £ 375 is the first IPL and radio
Approved frequency-based hair removal system for-
Family results for all skin tones were designed by scientists at Synergon who first developed IPL and RF energy for hair removal, while Tria Hair removal laser accuracy, £ 253 ergonomic, can Treat hair under the arm or on the bikini line and use the same diode-
Although the intensity is reduced, the technology you will expect in the clinic.
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