Disrupting the manufacturing industry is beginning to take shape 3D printing to replace the automotive manufacturing industry?

by:Caodahai     2021-09-17
Although all walks of life in China are still cautious about when the third industrial revolution will come. However, the maturity and industrialization of a series of key technologies such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, new materials, and a new generation of information technology have revealed that the new round of industrial revolution is not groundless.  The international division of labor in the traditional manufacturing industry is gradually being broken by the decentralized production brought about by new technologies and the diversified needs of consumers. Especially after the 2008 financial crisis, those countries that are heading towards the hollowing out of their industries have a deep understanding of the importance of manufacturing to the national economy, and they hope that new technologies will bring back manufacturing.   Additive manufacturing technology, commonly known as 3D printing, is a technology that uses computer design data to build solid parts by stacking materials layer by layer. It began with rapid prototyping in the 1980s. At present, laser sintering technology, fused deposition forming technology, three-dimensional lithography technology, electron beam melting technology, ultrasonic consolidation technology, inkjet deposition technology and many other types have been developed. Strictly speaking, inkjet deposition technology is the real 3D printing. Compared with traditional material removal (cutting processing) technology, additive manufacturing uses a material accumulation manufacturing method, which does not require traditional tools, fixtures and multiple processing procedures, but uses three-dimensional design data to be fast on one device The precise manufacture of arbitrarily complex shaped parts solves the forming problems of many complicated structural parts that were difficult to manufacture in the past. And the more complex the product structure, the more significant the manufacturing efficiency. At present, China is in an important period of moving from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China'. Compared with traditional manufacturing technology, additive manufacturing technology can free designers from the constraints of manufacturing processes and equipment to a large extent. , Pay more attention to product innovation, functional performance.   Additive manufacturing technology also makes product design, manufacturing, and testing highly integrated by simplifying or omitting process preparation and testing in traditional manufacturing, which can significantly shorten the development cycle and cost of new products. Therefore, additive manufacturing technology is of great significance for enhancing the independent innovation capability of my country's manufacturing industry.  As an emerging technology, the development of additive manufacturing technology can spawn and cultivate new industries of additive manufacturing equipment and related services, including commissioned parts processing, professional design analysis, software development and other businesses. The development of additive manufacturing technology will help drive metal and functional material preparation, design/control software development, laser/nozzle and other core component research and development, and break foreign monopolies. The development of additive manufacturing technology can further promote networked collaborative manufacturing, customized manufacturing, specialized manufacturing and green manufacturing, and promote the development of high-end equipment manufacturing, biological manufacturing and other industries. Therefore, the development of additive manufacturing is an important way to cultivate emerging industries, optimize industrial structure, and promote industrial upgrading. (The above is edited by laser cutting machine from the Internet, please explain the source again for reprinting!)
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