Digitising Embroidery is regarded as both an art

by:Caodahai     2020-07-12
With the help of digitising embroidery one can recreate memories on fabric that last. While putting portraits on t-shirts in print has been quite a popular trend, it does suffer from a few setbacks. One needs to be exceptionally careful while handling these fabrics, as washing, ironing and regular use tends to take its toll on the design. Another major issue faced with printing is that it can only be used on certain fabrics, thereby limiting your choices and the scope of your imagination. By opting to digitize your favorite or custom designed embroidery pattern, you also choose to add life to your creations. Once a pattern has been embroidered onto a fabric, regular activities such as washing, ironing and wringing do not have a major impact on the design. The fact that the design has been sewn onto the fabric automatically lends it strength, as it cannot fade out or peel off, unless tampered with badly, thereby withstanding the test of time. By digitising embroidery, you have the option to recreate almost any pattern on cloth, irrespective of your sewing skills. And, since the machine will be taking care of the embroidery, you can pick any pattern for digitization with a whole range of colors to suit your fancy. Most of us have grown up with our grandmother's embroidery designs being used in wall-hangings, on cushion covers as well as bed sheets. But, not everyone had the time or skills to learn the tricks of the trade from their grannies. However, you can still pass on the tradition without lifting a needle, by digitising embroidery for the fabric of your choice. An embroidered t-shirt or hat would not only make for a great holiday gift, but also be something that starts a family tradition. You can get the digitized version of the embroidery of your choice on jerseys, jeans or even hoodies, and wear them for family outings. For the more creative, you can take your grandmother's favorite designs and put your personal twist on them, making for sweet memories that can be passed on from generation to generation. Embroidered kettle covers and pillow cases too make for intimate gifts for newlyweds. By digitising embroidery patterns of your choosing, you can create a custom gift that truly holds some meaning for the couple. And, since the professional digitising embroidery from your artwork will be responsible for getting the stitch right, you can let your imagination really take flight.
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