'Curiosity' Laser Shoots to Seek Life, Unidentified Metal Object Leads to Speculation

by:Caodahai     2021-08-20
The U.S. Mars rover 'Curiosity' is wandering on the red planet and continues to send back landscape photos to the Earth.' A few days ago, it was reported that the “Curiosity” discovered a mysterious metal object embedded in a rock on Mars. Some netizens joked that this may be the door handle of a secret cave on Mars.”   According to the British 'Daily Mail' report, the photos released by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) show that a shiny metal object is very eye-catching against the gray Martian rock. It resembles a robot finger, protruding from a Martian rock, casting a black shadow on the surface of Mars.  The famous astronomy website Universe Todayu0026rdquo; said that this mysterious metal object is very small, only about 0.5 cm in length, and may be composed of some non-corrosive substances.   After the above photos were published, they caused heated discussions on social networking sites. Netizens who like to join in the fun get excited. They use their rich imagination and jokingly claim that the metal object discovered by 'Curiosity' is a doorknob. Just a twist can open a door to the mysterious cave of Mars. Some netizens said that this was a leg that was accidentally dropped by 'Curious   It is reported that these photos were sent back to Earth on January 30th on the 'Curious' issue. Not long before this, Curiosity launched a laser beam for the first time and successfully drilled holes in Martian rocks. The chemical and camera instrument ChemCam carried by the rover can output a few megawatts of high-power laser on the surface of Mars to a target the size of a needle. During the drilling of the 'target training, the laser energy emitted by the Curiosity' transforms the atoms in the rock Into a luminous plasma. ChemCam uses a telescope to capture the sparks from the rock and analyzes it with 3 spectrometers to find out what kind of element the rock is made of.   Since reaching the Gale Crater on Mars 3 weeks ago, Curiosity has been testing the performance of various instruments including lasers. During the two-year mission, Curiosity will use lasers to shoot various rocks while heading to Mount Sharp, a mountain that may contain water marks, in order to verify whether the Martian environment is suitable for biological survival. (The above is edited and compiled by Wuhan High Energy Laser Cutting Machine on the Internet. For details, please refer to the website www.gnlaser.com)
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