Crazy 3D printing

by:Caodahai     2021-09-25
3D printing technology is an exotic product that originated in the United States in the 1980s and then blossomed all over the world. In the United States, 3D printing technology has been initially industrialized. Two 3D printer manufacturing companies, Stratasys and 3DSystems, have been listed on Nasdaq [Weibo], with operating revenues of US$170 million and US$290 million in 2011, respectively.   This technology has been born for more than 20 years, why is it now coming overnight? The storm came from across the ocean. In February 2011, The Economist argued in a cover article titled 'How 3D Printing Changes the World' that 3D printing technology will make single-product manufacturing almost as cheap as mass production, and the impact is comparable to that of the factory in the past. appear. Subsequently, 'ForbesLive, choose to resign, and devote to 3D printing to start a business.   The US government quickly joined in this carnival. In March 2012, US President Barack Obama proposed to invest US$1 billion to establish 15 manufacturing innovation institutes to drive manufacturing growth. In August, the U.S. government announced that the first research institute would be established in Ohio, mainly for the research and development of 3D printing technology, with an initial investment of 30 million U.S. dollars. (The above has a fiber laser cutting machine to edit and organize the network, see www.gnlaser.com for details)    Because of its popularity, the 3D printing boom quickly spread to the capital market. In the second half of 2012, the share prices of US 3D printer manufacturers rose sharply. In China's A-share market, the share prices of companies involved in 3D printing have also reached new highs.  Some capitals have successively thrown olive branches to related companies. According to the annual report released by the Consumer Electronics Association of America, the global 3D printing market size was US$1.7 billion in 2011 and is expected to reach US$5 billion by 2017. The well-known 3D printing company ExOne has submitted its listing application documents in early January this year, and plans to list on the Nasdaq and raise 75 million US dollars.   In China, a large number of companies have entered this field. There are also several venture capital funds that have invested in related companies in the 3D printing field. As the first person in China to print 3Du0026rdquo; and a close disciple of Professor Yan Yongnian of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University, Guo Ge is a supporter and practitioner of 3D printing. A major player in the field of 3D printing. Guo Ge told reporters: Tyre Times has manufactured and sold 3,000 3D printers in the past year, with customers all over the world. '   Feng Tao, general manager of Beijing Longyuan Automatic Forming System Co., Ltd., was quite surprised by the growth rate of this industry. He entered the 3D printing industry in 1994 and still remembers that in the five years since 2000, the global market size of this industry has remained at around 600 million U.S. dollars, and the blowout growth is only a matter of the past five years. The scale of 5 billion US dollars put 10 years ago is simply a fantasy. 'He said.   Behind the huge market cake, it is inseparable from the endorsement of the local government. Cities such as Nanjing, Dongguan, and Wuhan have expressed their intention to make a difference in 3D printing. The Nanjing Municipal Government recently stated that it is striving to make Nanjing the commanding heights of China's 3D printing technology, requiring the establishment of a 3D printing technology industry research institute and the construction of a 3D printing technology industry base, as well as policies for the declared 3D printing industry projects and Ru0026D projects. Financial support, and the use of policies to integrate 3D printing technology into the government's public service platform, and accelerate the promotion of the 3D printing industry to the economic and technological development zone.  Wuhan preemptively established China’s first 3D printing industrial parku0026rdquo;. Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other departments are conducting a thorough investigation of the 3D printing industry, and plan to prepare plans and support them.  In the World Factoryu0026rdquo; Dongguan, 3D printing was included in the 2013 'Government Work Report' as a strategic emerging industry. Some officials suggested that Dongguan should take advantage of the recent marketization of 3D technology and make arrangements in advance.   Professor Wang Huaming of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics believes that in 2012, Obama announced his plan to revitalize the US manufacturing industry, making 3D printing technology the first choice for establishing research institutes and investing heavily, which is the reason for the recent sudden rise in 3D printing technology.
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