Correct choice of puncture point for laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-08-23
Let's briefly talk about the working principle of the laser cutting machine: during the processing, the processed material will form a pit in the center after being irradiated, and then the cladding material will be quickly removed by the working airflow and a hole will be formed. This hole is similar to cutting threading holes. The laser will cut along this hole as the starting point for processing. The cutting contours are designed by computer programs and can be routed very accurately. Then we will see that the laser is working hard from the beginning of the cutting perforation to the cutting into the contour. The cutting speed has a great change in the vector direction, that is, it rotates 90° in the vector direction and rotates from the tangent direction perpendicular to the cutting contour. It is the cutting contour, and the included angle of the contour is 0°. In this way, a relatively rough cutting surface flows on the cutting surface of the processed material, which is mainly to make the laser beam move quickly in the vector direction in a short time. Therefore, when the laser cutting machine is used to process materials, generally speaking, when there are no major requirements for the cutting of equipment parts, you can not make requirements when programming the laser, which allows the software to automatically generate puncture points. However, when the design has high roughness requirements for the processed parts, manual adjustment is required during laser programming, and the puncture point needs to be manually controlled. The puncture point originally generated by the laser program needs to be moved to the desired reasonable position. In order to meet the requirements of the surface accuracy of the machined parts.
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