Comparison of processing costs of two different types of laser cutting equipment

by:Caodahai     2021-08-20
How to obtain the maximum profit value from the processing at the lowest cost is a problem that many companies are concerned about. Nowadays, the processing technology is many and complicated, so choosing a suitable processing equipment is a very important decision. Choosing the right processing equipment must first consider the price of the equipment itself and the cost of use. Here, the laser cutting machine is the laser cutting equipment that has to be mentioned. Among the laser cutting equipment, we commonly have fiber laser cutting machine and YAG laser cutting machine. They are definitely a good hand for sheet metal cutting processing. They are much lower than traditional processing effects and processing costs, but which type of laser cutting equipment to choose Can you save more? Below we will compare the processing cost of these two equipments. Analysis of processing cost of fiber laser cutting machine;    The purchase cost of fiber laser cutting machine is relatively high, because its core parts are imported, and technical reasons, so the cost is relatively expensive, usually hundreds of thousands to hundreds Ten thousand. However, the processing cost is much lower than other laser equipment. For example, a 500w CF3015 imported fiber laser cutting machine from Wuhan High Energy, the processing cost of using auxiliary gas per hour is about 18-32 yuan, wearing parts Consumables are relatively small. YAG laser cutting machine processing cost analysis;    The purchase cost of YAG laser cutting machine is lower than other laser cutting equipment, and the cutting effect is a bit inferior to fiber laser cutting machine, so YAG laser cutting can be considered if the accuracy requirements are not particularly high. machine. When using air to process metal sheets, the processing cost per hour is about 31 yuan, but if you want to improve the cutting effect, you can use auxiliary gases such as oxygen or nitrogen. The processing cost will be higher, and the consumable budget for wearing parts will be larger. So through the above comparison, we can clearly see that if the processing requirements are high and the processing volume is large, the fiber laser cutting machine is a good choice. If the budget is not enough, or the processing volume does not meet the requirements, the YAG laser cutting machine It is also very good.
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