Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between laser cutting machine and 3D printer

by:Caodahai     2021-08-30
Since the advent of the 3D printer, it has been sought after by many companies, and its development speed is also very amazing. As before, the most widely used industries include aerospace, nuclear power equipment and automobile manufacturing. Among the applications in these fields, what are the advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting machines and 3D printers? Can 3D printers completely replace laser cutting machines and become the most shining focus? Let's analyze it for everyone below. The laser cutting machine is a processing machine, which is a high-precision improvement processing of semi-finished products. It can be used for engraving, cutting, punching, etc. It has a wide range of uses and flexibility. It can meet the needs of users according to their own needs. Effect.   Laser cutting machines are used in many industries, and the materials that can be processed are also very diverse, such as the construction industry and civil engineering. Environmental art, aviation, navigation, industrial machinery and equipment, advertising, clothing, electromechanical, automotive, electronics, etc. The processed materials include various organic materials, metals and so on.   The processing of the laser cutting machine is a bit fast, low noise decibels, no pollution, no wear during the cutting process, and low consumables.   3D printers belong to the manufacturing industry. Like the laser cutting machine, the layout design of the drawings is carried out through the numerical control system, and the whole process is completed through the machine tool. But 3D printers can quickly print out any objects you want in accordance with the drawings.   But 3D printers have some big disadvantages that are the limitations of printing materials. There are many companies supplying 3D printer materials, but there is no uniform standard for the entire manufacturing industry. In fact, the materials are bundled with 3D printers. Another point is that a 3D printer needs to design a model before printing. The design of this model requires a lot of engineering, manpower and time to complete. And after the finished product is printed, it is not very perfect, and subsequent processes such as cutting, engraving, assembling and polishing must be carried out, which will require a lot of manual operation and time. The last point is environmental pollution. The ultrafine particles emitted by a 3D printer during printing will spread in the air. Once it enters the human body, it will cause various lung diseases, nervous system and blood diseases, and severely lead to death.   So after the above comparison, 3D printer is not a universal and safest manufacturing method, so although it is widely used, it cannot completely replace the laser cutting machine, and it will take a long time to popularize in the future. For more information about laser cutting machine equipment, please refer to http://www.gnlaser.com/?fproducts
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