Compared with traditional sensing technology, the advantages of fiber-based sensors are compared!

by:Caodahai     2021-08-20
Compared with traditional sensing technology, optical fiber (fiber laser cutting machine)-based sensors have the following major advantages: (1) light weight, compact structure, easy to multiplex (2) resistance to harsh environments, anti-electromagnetic interference, Anti-chemical corrosion (3) No need to use electricity at the sensing point, long-distance distributed sensing (4) Low-cost mass production , Oil/gas, electric power, and scientific research enjoy a wide range and huge application value, especially in western developed countries, it has a prairie fire, and the future is limitless! Single-frequency optical fiber sensing technology. However, fiber Bragg gratings (equipped with ASE broadband light sources) and distributed sensors based on optical time domain reflection are widely used optical fiber sensing technologies on the market, especially in China. The demand of the low-end general market is well known by the industry. The single-frequency fiber laser with a spectral linewidth as narrow as 2kHz and the new generation of optical sensing technology introduced now are completely different from the fiber-optic sensing that we are now fond of. This new technical solution is fully qualified for the higher demands of ultra-long distance, ultra-high precision and ultra-high sensitivity in the high-end market that electrical sensing and general optical fiber sensing cannot accomplish. This is still in the project and pre-research stage in China.
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